Google makes JPEGs smaller with a new compression algorithm

Google Research image
Google Research unveils Guetzli, a new image comprising algorithm. Image: Marek Fiser.

Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Army present the Mehel 2.0

Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser 2
Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser 2. Image: YouTube.

Circle du Soleil’s O: The tech and people behind scenes

Cirque du Soleil O poster
Cirque du Soleil O poster. Image: Bellagio.

Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars debuts at SXSW

Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars
Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars - SXSW. Credit: Time.

Company uses smart sex toys to illegally collect user data

Standard Innovations is found guilty of spying on its users. Image: Best Security Search.

Google: DeepMind’s AI now learns like humans do

DeepMind presents the new Elastic Weight Consolidation (EWC) algorithm to improve machine learning. Credit: Digital Trends.

Microsoft teaches visually impaired kids coding basics

From left, Louisa Turtill, 9, and Khadijah Pinto Atkin, also 9, use Project Torino. The physical programming language is being designed with the help of children to make sure it is inclusive of their needs. Photo by Jonathan Banks.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Vs. Apple’s iPhone 8: What to expect

The Galaxy S8 might sport a borderless curved oled screen. Image credit: Wccftech.

McDonald’s makes fun of Trump’s hands via Twitter

Donald Trump surprised
Hackers use McDonald's Twitter account to criticize Donald Trump. Credit: Business Insider.

Fossil announces new smartwatches featuring Android Wear 2.0

Fossil Q Founder. Credit: Android Community.

Scientists use acoustics to “hack” mobile devices

sound waves
Hackers can use sound waves to meddle with IoT devices. Credit: WallPaperSafari.

Tesla Model Y render leaked, could debut in 2019

Tesla model Y leaked render
The compact Model Y from Tesla Motors will have as many as eight cameras to cover a full 360-degree view of the car and its surroundings. Image Source: Electrek

Oxford researchers aim to create robots to grow human skin

Carr and Mouthuy were only interested in tissue and bone interaction at first. Image Source: Digital Trends

Leaked: check all the Samsung Galaxy 8 features

Samsung Galaxy 8 concept
Samsung Galaxy 8 concept. Image: University Herald.

Playstation 4 games to be available on PS Now in 2017

Alleged picture of the upcoming PS4.5, also known as the PS4K. Image credit: PS4PlayStation4.

Tech Stands Up takes Silicon Valley on Pi Day

Tech Stands Up takes Sillicon Valley on Pi Day
Tech Stands Up is the latest movement to surface in protest to President Donald Trump. Image Source: USA Today

Rocket Leagues new mode: Dropshot!

Rocket League DropShot
Rocket League introduces a new game mode called Dropshot. Image Source: Wix Techs

Top 3 reasons to get the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has introduced a new modular gaming console named Nintendo Switch. Image Source: Polygon

America’s transition to LED street lights

LED Street Light
Sodium lights activists claim that LED lights are nocive. Image Source: Mirror

The Vatican is at SXSW 2017, but why?

SXSW 2017 The Vatican
The South by Southwest event will go on until Sunday this week, featuring special guests and diverse panels. Image Source: SxSW

Intel gets in the Self-Driving Cars industry with MobilEye acquisition

Intel acquires MobilEye
Intel confirms its involvement in the autonomous car industry with the acquisition of MobilEye. Image Source: Inquisitr

NASA found the small spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 lost since 2009

nasa Chandrayaan-1
The laboratory did not struggle to find the LRO but finding Chandrayaan proved a real challenge. Image Source: Space

Facebook copies Snapchat features once again

Facebook works on a video app and tweaks its video platform
Facebook works on a video app and tweaks its video platform. Image: