Nintendo at E3 2018: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate steals the show

Nintendo has a big reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that has fans feeling a lot of emotions. While some might be reeling with excitement, others feel upset and they have made their opinions very clear on social media platforms.

The Switch game, which will come to stores on December 7th, 2018, will feature every character that has ever been in every Super Smash title, plus some new additions that give the game a total of 66 playable characters, including DLC fighters such as Bayonetta, Ryu, and Cloud.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have plenty of variety and new things to play around with, including getting the hang of using the characters once again, as they have been modified with different attacks and now have new balances to them.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: gameplay details

Although fans are undoubtedly excited for the upcoming Super Smash and the many characters it will feature, some have made their disappointment very clear as Nintendo, once again, decided to let Waluigi sit another one out, left with only the memory of – once again – another assist trophy.

That being said, Nintendo makes up for that harsh Waluigi blow with the appearance of the beloved Inklings from Splatoon. Ridley, Samus’ giant nemesis – who fans have been asking to include in the fighting game since the Nintendo 64 Super Smash – is also making a debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with one of the earliest Nintendo characters, Princess Daisy.

So far, Super Smash will have a total of 75 stages (including returning ones), and will include Omega forms of themselves, that ultimately imitate the acclaimed Final Destination stage with the platform-filled Battlefield.

While Nintendo did not say anything about online playing for Ultimate, it is expected that the game will have decent online playing seeing as Nintendo is going to be charging for online gaming for the first time and is expected to improve their services regarding this matter.

With once again the option of an eight-player fight, the gaming company also announced that all of the series’ Amiibos will be compatible with the game along with the cherished Nintendo Gamecube controllers.

In addition to this, Ultimate added new items which include a Black Hole, a Launch Star, and a fake Smash Ball that lures you into hitting it, making the player believe it’s the Final Smash, but is crudely mistaken as the fake Smash Ball will kill you if you hit it.

Source: Nintendo