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It is nothing new that music is one of the biggest influences in the world. But the interesting fact is that songs have a significant impact on fashion. Every major artist has somehow made his/her mark on fashion’s biggest trends. So it is undeniable that music goes hand in hand with fashion.

No wonder why most of the musical events share their target audience with trendy magazines. It’s impossible not to read about an art festival or event without recognizing a set of keywords adopted from the fashion world. As soon as a trend is spotted in the party industry, it will raise interest in the world of clothing. People will recognize elements from their favorite song that are “printed” on their jackets or copied on the jeans. At the same time, most of the people perceive vogue as a set of keywords and brand names.

People are accessing fashion information at parties to the same extent as from media outlets. So how important is for musical events promoting to include vogue descriptors in their campaigns? And is there a right proportion of descriptors to maintain relevance?

Keywords vs Descriptors in promoting music events

Sound and clothing trends relationships are complex. However, it is a sure thing is that there is a strong connection between them. There is an audience that searches for correspondence at all times.

This is why promoters should consider using terms from fashion in promoting music events. When it comes to SEO campaigns, everybody knows what are keywords. But, in fact, descriptors are the best solution for promoting good sounding events with connections to fashion. So what are the differences between key terms and descriptors?


  • Terms are used as the key to a code
  • Any word that works as a link to a certain topic
  • A term that describes the subject of an event/ book/ article


  • A term or a phrase that describes
  • A phrase that serves as a description
  • A word or expression that is used to identify something or to describe it

So in terms of keywords, descriptors are actually a sequence of keywords and key phrases related to a certain subject.

For instance, the concept of “party clothing” or “party look” can be used as a descriptor. The “party clothing” defines a set of clothing worn at parties. It refers to a specific type of a dress code, with sparkling clothes and bold accents.

When promoting a musical event, the promoter should distinguish between using keywords for SEO and attracting the audience. While key terms are specifically used on the “technical side”, to convince the “robots”, descriptors are for human beings. There are special essay writing services that help people form their message in this direction.

Musical events, the communication on fashion trends

The world of sound is selling descriptors and is inventing new trends.

The first major fashion movement happened in the sixties, in Great Britain. The music of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones made songs grow in popularity. The fashion designer Mary Quant created the iconic miniskirt. It was the response of fashion for the youthful, fun-loving attitude of the new music style.

The hippie sound from the Sixties Woodstock Festival also gave a new fashion trend. Men and women started wearing more relaxed, loose clothes. The items were brightly colored and had patterns from different cultures.

Every style of music is only relevant to a particular set of descriptors. For instance:

  • bondage, safety pins, bicycle chains are for the punk style
  • Streetwear-like clothes for Grime
  • Black leather jackets, olive green coats or acid wash jeans are for nineties grunge


Promoters of the musical events should master the songs’ style for their event. This way, he or she will know to choose the descriptors. Finally, it is important to use descriptors wisely. More means burn-out. Effective keywords will reach the most important audience for the promoted event.