Sony at E3 2018: PlayStation exclusives shine above all

Amidst the whirlwind of surprises, announcements, and hype that the E3 annual conference usually is filled with, Sony had a very particular performance on this year’s biggest game event. Sony’s PlayStation was the star of several highlights on this event, however, not all of these highlights were necessarily positive for their profile.

Among the positive highlights that Sony earned, we can find game reveals, mainly those of the hyped titles that fans have been expecting for years now, as they were first filled with shock value on their initial announcements.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Sony made a very clever move when it took control and privileges on making a game version of the Marvel favorite Spidey, not only PS loyal gamers will be going nuts about it but also just about every superhero fan that there is, this new title will have Spidey doing everything that the gaming world has come to expect.

The game will take place in an amazing recreation of Manhattan, where Spidey will be swinging up and down every avenue and will engage in battles against crooks with an unseen battle system. Sony announced Spider Man’s release date, and it will be sadly in September 7th.

The Last of Us 2

PlayStation will always have leverage with The Last of Us, and ever since there was a hint of a second part for the now classic title. Sony launched a teaser trailer last year, and during this E3 convention, there was a 12-minute long teaser trailer that gave us a display of the brutal upgrades that both the graphics and mechanics now have.

Also this time the game will see Ellie as the main character, which means a player will be deepening into her survival story, this teaser has fans eager to see one last bit on whats coming before the game is finally launched.

Death Stranding

This game is marked by an astounding realism, and many think this will be Kojima’s next masterpiece. However, the plot remains to be a mystery, and Sony did not help on this with the trailer they played which shows a distinct time paradox that resembles a lot Edge of Tomorrow.

There is another fun aspect that certainly boosts gamer excitement, and that is the fact that the game will count with beloved stars such as Lea Seydoux, Mads Mikkelsen, and Norman Reedus, plus the characters will be looking quite a lot like them too.

Resident Evil 2

Despite not being exclusive to PlayStation, Sony took the privilege of being the only one to announce this fan favorite title, there is not much to say about this title despite what you can see in the trailer and that it will be available on the shelves on January 29th of the following year.

Ghost of Tsushima

This Samurai adventure action game has a beautiful world design that could make you feel in either Seven Samurai or Yojimbo, the gameplay will feature obviously amazing sword fights, horse riding, stealth and arrow shooting.

Similar to the exploring system from Red Dead Redemption and Assassin’s Creed, this title is sure to be impressive once it hits the shelves.

Source: Sony