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Marketing expertise in the automotive industry has fallen behind the times. Automotive industry expert Rory Angold, former Zurich finance & insurance executive discusses how your business can get ahead by implementing micro-moment advertising, including SEO marketing and campaigns through email and social media.

What are Micro-Moments?

For consumers, the immediacy of demand for information means that the first and fastest advertising they receive in response to an inquiry will make the strongest, and often the only, impression on their further purchasing decisions. Micro-moments are defined as the instant when a consumer has a need or interest in a product or idea and reaches for their phone or tablet to ask Google for an answer.

Contrast traditional advertising, where firms hope to create a lasting idea in a consumer’s mind or to urge them to action when they otherwise would not be interested, with micro-moment marketing where a firm stands ready to respond immediately and directly to a potential customer’s desires. Today, a customer may see a vehicle on the road they had not previously been interested in and then run a quick search on their phone. The first firm that lands that customer in its sales funnel have a huge leg up on the competition.

Know Your Customer and Anticipate Their Interests

To be ready to jump at the moment your customer has an interest in your product, automotive marketers first have to understand and anticipate the questions their customers have about their products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in this regard. Sometimes customers will ask Google a very specific question, but most search queries are very general. Understanding keywords and SEO is the centerpiece of internet marketing, where the first result in frequent searches is many times the only result that matters. Contracting with SEO experts and content creators can provide a fantastic return on investment.

Optimize Mobile Responsiveness

More and more customer research occurs exclusively on mobile devices. If your website is not scaled for mobile devices, the likelihood of a frustrated customer clicking back to get a better site is substantial. Your website, advertisements, and social media posts must be designed for high functionality on all types of mobile screens.

Activate Your Email and Social Media Campaigns

In the automotive industry, you must keep your brand in your customer’s view. By getting your customers to add themselves to your email list through web marketing, you can regularly update customers on sales, promotions, and other events that can spark action to move forward toward a purchasing decision. This type of email messaging (as well as sponsored posting on social media) reminds customers of what they searched for in the past while promoting your brand in their consciousness.

About Rory Angold:

Rory Angold is the leader, the manager, the financial expert, and the insurance advisor all car dealers would want to have on their team. He has a knack for risk management, sales, and finance, all paired with a leadership mentality that makes him the ideal strategic consultant. He will help you devise and execute a detailed strategic plan to achieve both short-term and long-term goals.