Kentucky Derby Fashion Hats

The Kentucky Derby time of the year has arrived and yes everyone is all geared up for their derby look this season. Dressing up in a derby match is a very important thing because one has to flaunt it there. One has to pick the right dress and the right hat to wear on that day.

This is a matter of concern for every year around the derby time. When it comes to kentucky derby hats; there are a lot of varieties that are available in the market. But what kind of a hat does one need to go for? Well, in this case, one can take help from fashion experts who can be of great help on what to choose. But no matter what one chooses to wear, they have to feel good about it and that is the primary thing. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the hat that one should be wearing has to be comfortable as wearing something very stylish but uncomfortable can absolutely ruin the look.

These are a few things to be kept in mind when choosing their own derby hats:

  • When one has decided to wear a hat, she needs to wear it with such an angle so that the photographer can see her face thus clicking the camera without any hassle. In fact, one can also go for something smaller like a fascinator or a headband which can make the face more visible. One can also wear a hat for the derby race and keep a fascinator or a headband handy which they can wear later when the race is over and they can take their hat off. This is because the after party of a derby does not always call for a hat and one can always go for something small or something that will be more comfortable for them.
  • Going to a derby does not mean one has to go over the top (though most women do that) with their hats but one can always go for a noticeable look by wearing a hat, so, in those cases, one needs to choose some solid colored hats. One can also pick some different textures when it comes to hats whilst one can go for the same color palette (as the dress) in order to make an interesting style statement. Or else, one can go for the same shades of color, whether it be darker or lighter versions so that they can come up with a toned look.
  • If one is in a dilemma regarding whether their hat and dress match with each other, then she should be aware of the fact that this is definitely not necessary. It is more important to coordinate things rather than matching them with colors. This will look more stylish than regular color matching palettes.
  • A hat is not always necessary as one can go for fascinators.

With these tips, you can easily select your favorite Derby hat, and for the best variety, don’t miss to browse JJ’s House collection.