How to read cheating spouse text messages

If you have a doubt that your partner is cheating on you. If you think that your partner is not loyal. When doubt creeps into a relationship it is ruined. So to make sure that you get rid of all these doubts and fears this application was created. Cheating Spouse is an application that will help you clear all your doubts. This app allows you to spy on your spouse or any person you want to once you have this installed on their device. This app allows you to read all the texts, chats, call records, etc.

If you want to catch a cheater text messages of that person you need to install Cheating Spouse on their phone. The installation process for different phones is different. For example, you don’t need the person’s phone physically to install this app if they use an iPhone. If they use an android than you need to install this app physically. Now let us first discuss the iPhone. In the iPhone there is a feature called iCloud, this is used to enable the storage of the phone. The user logs in this app so that they can use their phone’s full potential. If you want to spy on their phone all you need are their iCloud details. Once you have their iCloud details you can log into their account through your phone via using this app to spy on them. Once you have achieved this you can now view every activity that has happened on their phone. The call, messages, photos, videos, you can also access their location. Cheating Spouse is really helpful as you don’t need to do anything manually to their phone to spy on.

On the other hand, if you want to use this app on an android phone you need to work a little bit. You will have to install the Cheating Spouse app manually on their phone. Once you have installed this application inside their phone now need to allow all the settings. To help you with the settings look for a wizard logo once you have installed and opened this app. That wizard will give you a brief on how to use this. In doing all of this you need to have ample time and place. After all of this is done you can now view their phones easily and read all the text messages that you want. You can also access their call, photos, and location along with all the other information.

The common steps that are required for reading the texts through Cheating Spouse are:

  • Login account
  • The control panel will show all the information.
  • Icon for text messages will appear on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on this icon to view every text that has been sent from this phone.

Cheating Spouse app will also show you the media content that has been shared by this phone.


This is a really helpful application to clear all doubts or to catch your spouse cheating. The feature that this application provides is very unique and useful. The app is very simple to use and also very effective at the same time. The only thing you need to do is to install it correctly and wisely. A small request from our side is not to use this app with any bad intentions.