Google Calendar Update Enables Users to Define Exact Times of Availability At Home or Work

new update to Google Calendar enables users to reveal their availability for work by indicating where they will be at particular times of the day. With this new feature, co-workers can know when to meet in person with other collaborators or when to schedule video-conferencing calls. Team workers will know where other members of the team will be on particular days and at specific times.

Known as “Working Locations”, this feature was first launched in Google Calendar in 2021. Back then, workers could only reveal where they are working from on particular days – whether they are working from home on Monday, working from the office on Tuesday, or working from some other locations on other days. But with the new update, workers can reveal the exact time they will be working from where so that co-workers can plan accordingly.

To get the feature to work, users will need to create an event and then choose Working Locations before choosing the time of their availability and location. Users can now use the new Working Locations feature on Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Nonprofit.

For business organizations, workers will have their Working Locations set by default and anyone should be able to access it unless the availability and access are restricted by admin. For individual users, they can create an event from the Settings of Google Calendar before choosing Office, Home, Unspecified, or Somewhere Else from the available location options. You can also set your location to be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly based on your peculiar work circumstance.

Meanwhile, Google Docs is also becoming more user-friendly with updated features. Using the app on an Android device will open up in edit mode where users can access documents and start creating new docs or creating changes to existing files. Clicking on an open document will bring up an on-screen keyboard, but not if you have a physical keyboard connected to the device.