Coca-Cola Partners League of Legends Gamers for Limited Edition +XP Coke Flavor

League of Legend gamers will be able to enjoy the new +XP Coke flavor made by Coca-Cola in the coming days. Known as the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar, the limited edition product is the result of a new collaboration between Coca-Cola and Riot Games, creator of the globally popular League of Legend games.

Starting from June 12, gamers in the United States and Canada will be able to lay their hands on the new Coca-Cola +XP flavored drink in its unique can of gold and black. Gamers from other parts of the world may have the drink available in their regions as of June 7. Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said League of Legend players can savor the taste of experience points (+XP) while enjoying the thrills of gaming with the limited edition Coke.

Coca-Cola and Riot Games said players can enjoy “in-game and digital experiences” that enable them to enjoy the +XP flavor while logging into the League of Legends portal to earn emotes after completing game missions. Players can win a game within 20 minutes or earn 12,000 gold in a single game or even get seven assists in a single mission.

Reviewers have found the spectacular design of the Coca-Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar flavored drink fascinating. The gold and black colors are rounded out by blue highlights that match the hextech crystals obvious in Arcane and also seen in the city of Piltover.  This makes it interesting to gamers who can well relate to the games whose theme settings are reflected in the drink’s overall design.

While emotes are awarded to gamers on Ultimate Teamplay, Ultimate Games, and Ultimate Tempo, players have until July 18 to win their games and earn the emotes. It is also possible for gamers to enjoy the new experience points by simply scanning the QR code on given Coke cans to be taken to the Coca-Cola Creations Hub where the Ultimate Emote Generator will enable them to create themselves into a desired League emote style.