Technology has prospered a lot. It has tremendously influenced the lifestyle and living of each and every person all over the globe. In the era where internet is everything, it can be misused while at the same can be of great help if used appropriately. It happens many times that your child is in danger or you are unable to know about his whereabouts. At such cases, the kids GPS tracker can be of great help. The most common cause of danger as agreed by many parents is the in-app purchases and the adult content that are inappropriate for children. Also, one thing which should be kept in mind before using any parental control app is that whether it keeps your child’s activities private between you and your child or not.

This tracker helps you to see the exact current of your child and also lets you know about the places where your child has recently passed from. In this way, you would be able to keep a track of the route followed by your child. This app tracker is available in Play Store as well as in the Apple Store. This is a free app in Play Store. To get this app, first, you need to download it from either of the stores and then set your child’s profile in the app and then start monitoring your child’s activities.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, this tracker notifies you about the current location of your child: whether they are in college, school or at their friend’s place. The unique feature of this tracker is that it allows you to set safe virtual safe zones for your child and you get notified once the safe zones are obtruded. It lets you know each and every movement of your child. The school, college or the other known places can be set as safe zones and when these safe zones are crossed, the tracker starts notifying you.

How is it useful?

This tracker nit only keeps your child safe or prevents him from getting kidnapped but also enhances familial bonds. This tracker is all about care, safety, and protection. When parents are regularly up-to-date with their child’s activities, this releases them from half of their tension and thus leads to good family bonds. This also helps to increase trust and understanding between the child and the parent.

Thus it can be said that this tracker is immensely helpful for such parents who are both working professionals and cannot stay with their child each and every time. With the help of one click, you get all the necessary activities of your child, unlike such times when you had to call your child every single moment to know their whereabouts. This also helps you to balance your personal and professional life. You can carry with your work without worrying about your child. In this way, you not be called an ‘evil’ parent by your child who always keeps calling out of suspicion.