10 Things You Should Know When Purchasing A Semi Truck

It is not easy to buy the perfect semi-truck. It is very challenging to find the best-conditioned semi-truck. Buying a nice semi-truck requires much responsibility. Unlike driving a pickup truck or an RV, driving a semi-truck requires much more skill while traveling from one place to another. Semi-trucks are very dangerous to drive. In fact, semi-truck causes billions of accidents every year due to drivers who are not driving in a professional manner. This means that buying a used semi-truck that requires additional maintenance could cost you more money than what you have already spent on it. It is time for you to be fully prepared before deciding to buy a semi-truck. In this article, I’ll be covering ten major details that you should be aware of before you decide to buy a semi-truck.

#10: Check The Paperwork

All Kenworth trucks require paperwork that explains in detail about it. Trust what is written about the semi and make sure that the details match up with the semi that you want to buy. Don’t feel disruptive if any of the information is inaccurate or missing. The last thing that you would want to put yourself into is getting pulled over by police and you give them the wrong registration.

#9: Check For Any Rusty Areas

Checking for rusty spots is a common safety protocol because it can compromise the load that is being carried. It is best to check for the rusty sports when there is daylight so you can obtain a direct view of the semi surface. If you have any rusty spots, make sure that they aren’t too revealing.

#8: Find Out Why The Semi-Truck Is For Sale

Former owners will have multiple reasons why they want to sell the semi that you would want to buy. Some owners are looking for some quick cash for personal reasons, while others are just sick and tired of repairing the semi. It is your duty to find out why the semi is selling so you can plan in advance on how you can make the most on that semi. If the semi has some mechanical issues, then ask the previous owner what kind of maintenance it needs and figure out repair estimates. If the owner just needs the money, then find out a negotiable deal that would be pleasing to them. Remember, all Kenworth trucks have a reason to be sold and you must find out why before you figure it out the rigorous way.

#7: Check For Any Window And Door Issues

While you are inspecting the semi-truck, it is important to check the windows and doors. The reason for that is that a damaged door or a window that is not in good shape can cause extra blind spots while you are driving. You want to have minimum blind spots if possible. Also, it could cause consumption to your health, and you have to have a healthy heart while steering behind the wheel.

#6: Check The Tires

If you don’t have tires that are in great condition, then it would be very difficult to travel on the highway. Any minor crack or deformity can result in having a tire blow and a potential chain reaction of a semi-to-car accident. There are many tires companies that will offer you some good tires, but two recommended companies that have the best-conditioned tires are Goodyear and Michelin.

#5: Have A Friend Join In On The Inspection.

Do you know that old saying? “Two heads are better than one.” Well, that is a clear fact when it comes to buying a semi. Having someone by your side is great because you have another set of eyes that will probably catch on to things that you may not have noticed. Having someone with more experience helps too because they can give you their insight on any maintenance that the semi will soon be needing. Also, it is great to have a witness present while signing the paperwork. You’ll never you may have to go to court due to some kind of disagreement or last-minute setbacks.

#4: Research The Semi-Truck’s Background

Every semi-truck has gone through hell and back when the drivers have to make deliveries. Looking up the history of the semi can give you a good idea of how long the semi can last. You can determine this before it actually breaks down completely. The history can show what kind of changes were being made, then the tires were changed, and how far it has been driven without stopping. You can also use historical research to see if the semi has had any accidents or not. Many buyers just want to research the semi, so they can prepare themselves for any adjustments or minor repairs. Research can go a long way and research can help you make the most out of your new semi.

#3: Check The Engine

The engine can be one of the most challenging parts of the inspection. It is not like checking a car or pickup truck engine. There are some extra parts that need to be checked on that you will not see in a car engine. Any minor issue that a semi-truck has in the engine can cause the engine to overheat or cause the semi-truck to permanently breakdown. Make sure all of the fluid levels are full and ensure that the belt runs smoothly.

#2: Know The Semi-Truck Horsepower And Capacity

All we all know, semi-trucks are used to ship heavier loads to a certain location. The more horsepower and capacity that a semi has, the more weight that the semi can carry. However, more horsepower and capacity means higher risks. If you have ever wondered why you see signs that require semi-trucks to drive five miles less than cars, then now you know. A faster semi-truck can cause critical damage to the horsepower and could possibly damage the goods that need to be ship. Any damage that occurs on the goods would be on the driver. Your best bet is to know ahead of time how much weight the semi-truck can load up. That way you can be aware of how your semi-truck will cooperate with certain loads.

#1: Determine A Proper Budget

Many people think that buying a semi-truck will cost an arm and a leg. However, the value on a semi-truck is based on quality and brand reputation. In addition, semi-trucks can drive much longer than a regular car would before it shows signs of major problems. Many semi-trucks can go up to 700,000 miles before breakdowns start to begin. Setting aside the proper budget will help you manage your money better; especially if you decide to go on a payment plan on a used semi-truck.


Paying for a semi-truck is a massive and extremely focused investment. Despite the thousands of brands out there, buying semi-truck can be easy when you decide to understand and follow these ten tips. Purchasing a semi-truck is not only about traveling and safety, but it is moreover about being aware of critical outcomes in advance. Once you are consciously aware of these tips, then you will be more comfortable with driving behind a semi-truck. But don’t be too comfortable. One narrow slip up can result in a severe loss.