Mac Pro Computer

Bringing home a shiny new Mac Pro is a pretty exciting day. Chances are you can’t wait to get on it and start experiencing what this powerful piece of technology is capable of. Whether you plan on using it for business, personal use, or both, this piece of machinery promises to take computing and productivity to the next level. With that in mind, one of the areas the Mac Pro really shines is in its multi-function abilities which can berealizedd when you download various apps.

Entering into the Apple Store can be rather intimidating when you’ve got a brand-new device before you. What should you load on it? What are the must-have apps? We’re here to help you narrow down the options and provide you with a list of the first apps you’re going to want to install on your brand-new Mac Pro.

Hidden App

If the Mac Pro isn’t your first and only purchase with Apple, then the Hidden App should be top of the list in terms of must-have apps. The Hidden App acts as a reliable tracking software for Mac devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and the MacBook. Because you’ve gone ahead and made a sizable investment in your Apple devices, there’s no doubt you’ll want to do what you can to protect your investment.

Once installed on your Mac Pro and the device you want to protect, Hidden App offers the following:

  • Location tracking
  • The ability to track the keys being used on the keyboard
  • Use of secret screenshots
  • Remote locking of your device while sending a warning to the thief
  • Remote wipe of your device
  • Ability to send a spoken message to the thief
  • Ability to bypass firewalls and gain remote access to your hard drive.

You can actually install the app on your Mac Pro and enjoy a free seven-day trial so that you can get a feel of what it’s capable of.

Duet Display

This is built for those who need to be able to work on two screens at a time. Duet Display is an app that works by tethering your iPad to your Mac device by using an Apple Lightning cable. Keep in mind you’ll need to have the app installed on both devices in order for it to work. As a pro user, there is an adaptive line lead that will match the shape and the color of your stroke.

Once the app is installed, you can drag windows and even apps between the two screens, giving you a whole new level of productivity.


Not only is Wunderlist an excellent productivity tool for your device, but it works across Mac, Android, PC, and iOS platforms, giving users a completely seamless experience. This is ideal for those who may need to share information with others who don’t necessarily have a Mac device.

This app allows you to create lists, notes, reminders, share files and documents, and more. It also has team or group functionality which makes it ideal for professional business use. Think of it as the ultimate task manager that can help you bring order and organization into your day.


This is a unique app that is meant for those who like to read and view their news online. The app provides a way for you to ‘pocket’ content so that you don’t forget about it and you can take a look at it later. You can pocket videos, articles, and webpages, and even though it’s ideal for news content, it isn’t limited to just that.

This is just a small look at the many great apps out there that you’ll want to download on your brand-new Mac Pro.