Appy Pie Connect Offers Various Powerful Slack Integrations

Slack is one of the best workplace collaboration software used by many businesses around the world. The software offers a lot of add-ins for various useful workplace tools, however, the main purpose it serves is letting you work more effectively by talking to your team members as and when required. It provides your team with tools and services to help them find data and information they need to deliver their best work. The software is organized enough to be integrated with other apps and get the best out of it.

Here are a few major features that Slack offers.

  • Common Communication Platform: Slack lets your team members communicate on a single platform. Here, you can chat, send images and videos, share important documents, and much more. You just need to sign up with a simple process and invite your team to join the conversation.
  • Organized Conversations: Slack saves your team communications from getting scattered into emails, text messages, in-person meetings, and phone calls. It offers direct messaging service and helps you cover almost everything from various marketing operations to casual discussions.
  • Powerful Integrations: This is one of the most amazing features that Slack offers. It allows you to integrate your favorite apps into the Slack and make it more useful for your business. Let us now move further and check how Slack integrations work.

What is Slack Integration?

Slack Integration is a process of connecting Slack with different applications to automate the workflows. Slack is a cloud-based communication tool that most businesses use to communicate within their teams. So, when you communicate, you exchange information. What if you want to save it on a different platform, or you want to get notified on some different channels whenever you get a message on Slack?

All this can be done in just a few clicks if you integrate Slack with the right applications. Slack integration lets you pull information from various sources, reuse it to better connect with your customers, and meet their demands faster.

Why Should You Use Slack Integrations?

Here are a few major reasons why you must integrate Slack with other apps to get the best out of it.

  1. Team Collaboration: You can have your whole team collaborating on a single platform with Slack integration. Let us check out how Slack integration with Gmail helps you communicate better within your team. With this integration, you can get all your new Gmail emails on Slack. And not just that, you can also send out new Gmail emails as Slack messages.
  2. Boost Productivity: Slack when integrated with other applications, becomes more productive. Let us take an example of Slack and Zoom integration. This integration automates workflows between these two applications. You can send and receive your zoom meetings reminders on Slack. Also, you can set reminders for your upcoming Zoom meetings on Slack.
  3. Document Sharing: Slack eases the document sharing within the teams. However, it becomes more useful for saving documents when integrated with other software. Let’s say Google Drive. Once you integrate Slack with Google Drive, all your Slack files and folders will start getting saved on your Drive automatically. This helps you keep all the data in one place and access it whenever you want.

How does Slack Work with Appy Pie Connect?

Appy Pie Connect is one of the best automation software available online. It helps you automate your business workflows by the integration of different applications with each other. Appy Pie Connect offers an app directory with hundreds of apps in there. Slack is one of those applications that you can automate using this software.

Appy Pie Connect allows you to connect Slack with various useful applications including Gmail, Google Drive, Trello, Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and many more. You need not be technically trained to use this software. Once you visit the homepage, the page will guide you itself. You get useful tutorials, guides, FAQs on the pages to learn how you can integrate your chosen applications using Appy Pie Connect.

Let us check out how Slack integration with multiple apps works with Appy Pie Connect. Here are a few major integrations with the details of how they work.

  1. Slack with Google Calendar: In Google Calendar, you can schedule your upcoming events so that you don’t miss them. Slack integration with Google Calendar helps you get your scheduled meetings or events’ notifications in the form of Slack messages. Once the integration is done successfully, you will start receiving Slack messages for each activity performed on Google Calendar.
  2. Slack with Shopify: This can be one of the most useful integration if you own an eCommerce store. Shopify integration with Slack can help you automatically get the notifications for the new orders created and existing orders processed. With this integration, you can get Slack notification on all new paid orders approved.
  3. Slack with Trello: Trello is a unique cloud-based project management software that helps you stay on the same page with your team. You have cards in Trello for every task assigned to your team. Integrating Slack with Trello helps you stay updated on those cards’ information. For example, you can receive a notification on Slack whenever a new Trello card is created or an existing one gets closed.
  4. Slack with Google Dropbox: You know what Slack does for your business, let us check out what Dropbox does. Dropbox is a cloud-based platform where you can store critical data and information. Slack integration with Dropbox can help you share Dropbox files with your team members.
  5. Slack with Google Sheets: With this integration, you can automatically save all your Slack messages into Google Sheets. As soon as a new Slack conversation gets initiated, a new row gets created in Google Sheets.


That was all about Slack integrations. Integrate Slack with your preferred apps to automate your business repetitive workflows and let your team focus on other critical tasks. Various small and large-scale companies use Slack integration to streamline cross-team collaboration.

The software also helps you collaborate on social media for discussing specific issues and sharing your ideas. Slack when integrated with other apps, can become a unique approach to understanding the customers better and taking your business’ growth to the next level.