Square Enix at E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III promises more and more

Square Enix was the star of E3’s 2018 third day, and these developers took their chance to confirm some exciting news that has had gamers eager to get a glimpse on what’s coming next for some of the most awaited titles of the event. However, the fact that the release date of games such as Kingdom Hearts 3, Just Cause 4 and the Life is Strange Spin-off, didn’t give much for news and announcements, although there was certainly some room for trailers.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This title will mark Lara Croft’s latest adventure, and by the look of the trailer provided by Square Enix, it looks pretty neat, the trailer gave us a peak on how things will be looking, however the developers promised that in this adventure there will be a lot more tombs with a lot more danger for Lara to take on. Plus there will also be another gameplay trailer coming up

Final Fantasy XIV

This new Final Fantasy title will feature an exciting prospect for many fans, it will be presenting a Monster Hunter World Crossover coming up in Final Fantasy 14 update named Stormblood.  This update patch will be made available in both PS4 and PC.

Monster Hunter will be doing yet another collaboration that players will be able to explore online this summer.

Babylon’s Fall

This was one of Square Enix actual new announcements, however very little is about the game is known, the only guarantee that there is regarding the game is what can be seen in the Teaser trailer, and it is not much rather than dates that would recover sense once the game is played.

Just Cause 4

Square Enix did not only officially announce Just Cause 4, but it also provided several details on what to expect of the new Just Cause title. The developers announced the game, not in a very superficial way, rather than a very much detailed introduction to the newly created world of the Fictional South American nation of Solis, Rico Rodriguez will engage in the largest world ever created by the game developers.

Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix showed a nearly identical Kingdom Hearts trailer to the one showed at Microsoft’s keynote conference, however, there was one significant difference, it showed many other worlds that will be featured in the game, adding an entirely new generation of Disney flicks to the game.

Among the newly feature Disney worlds, according to the reveals made in the trailers, this nostalgic video game will feature the worlds of Frozen, Ratatouille, and Tangled. Plus there will also be a new ingredient in the mixture and is that of the game’s first title space travel, that will allow players to build their own spaceships and travel to the space Kingdom Hearts has to offer.

Source: Square Enix