Avengers: Infinity War ending explained (SPOILERS)

After the grim ending of “Avengers: Infinity War,” many people were left heartbroken in theatres across the world. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe fades away, there is a bit of hope in what may have seemed as bleak for many of Marvel’s traditional post-credits sequences.

Typically, the post-credit scenes are just short gags that cue upcoming titles, and this is exactly what this post creds did in perhaps the movie that needed it the most. However, many were disappointed with Nick Fury’s beeper-centered segment. It is no secret that there is an upcoming sequel to Thanos’s battle for the universe, as it was also announced after the final scene of this title of the Avengers.

SPOILERS: What the Infinity War post-credits scene meant

For those who stuck after the credits rolled on screen, you saw Maria Hill and Nick Fury being victims of the exact same phenomenon that took away basically all of the Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as some new characters and some critical ones to the previous Avengers titles. Just before Nick gets to see Maria taken away by the happening, he reaches for code red.

Many did not fully understand what Fury did, as an icon appeared after a moment of silence once it falls from Fury’s hands. The symbol shown in Fury’s beeper, in fact, is the cue for the next untitled Avengers film, and probably an individual title that could extend the duration of other movies, giving this upcoming movie the weight of the entire MCU.

The icon displayed was that of Captain Marvel, also known Ms. Marvel, whose real identity is Carol Danvers. Brie Larson will play the role, and the fact is that Danvers is one of the most powerful Avengers. She is already confirmed for her very own movie in this universe.

For some who might be asking themselves what was the relevance of Nick Fury’s appearance, it is because Fury and Danvers go way back. As Ms. Marvel now signed and tied into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, her very own titled movie will be set back in the 90s, since her origin story is shaped somehow by Fury because he was giving orders at the time Ms. Marvel was just getting started.

With some important characters like Vision, Spiderman, and basically the entire Guardians of the Galaxy squad gone for now, and the movie telling us that Thanos will return, it is only safe to say that the rest is up to the mythical Captain Marvel, being the only one who might be strong enough to take on Thanos in the upcoming Avengers film.

Source: IGN