How to Style Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses

Finding a style of bridesmaid dresses that fits the different shapes and sizes of your bridal party can be near impossible. Being the bride doesn’t negate the responsibility of being a good friend; forcing your bridesmaids into something uncomfortable is unkind.

The solution is to purchase convertible bridesmaid dresses. You get the benefit of having the same color and style gown, and they get the benefit of wearing it in a way that’s comfortable for their body. When you find bridesmaid dress online, try these fun ways to tie them.

Front-Cross Halter

Halter style dresses are both a blessing and a curse. They look great and offer the support that a strapless dress lacks, but can be hard on the neck. A front-cross halter removes the pressure from the neck while creating a fun, modern look.

Start by placing the straps over their respective shoulders, smoothing and flattening them. Then, cross the left strap over the right shoulder and the right strap over the left shoulder. Again, check to ensure that they’re flat and spaced out for coverage.

Bring the two sides together behind the neck and twist them around each other 10-15 times– this will vary based on your torso length. To secure the straps, bring the ends around the front on each side, cross over, and loop back around the back. Tie the straps tightly and enjoy the security this look offers.

Cap Sleeves

Not everyone enjoys having their shoulders bared at the wedding. Fortunately, with convertible dresses, you can create cute, elegant cap sleeves that look natural and comfortable.

Start with each strap over the respective shoulder. Decide where you want your sleeve to start– typically around the armpit– and tie a knot in each strap. Take a moment to ensure that they’re even. Stretch the fabric to make the cap sleeve the size you want for coverage. Cross the straps over your back, bring around the front like a belt, then circle back and secure with a knot.


The Y-neck look is a unique look that offers coverage and support while exposing the shoulders. Bring the straps up to shoulder height, stretching and flattening them for coverage. Then, tie a simple knot at your collar bone.

Drape one strap over each shoulder, leaving the knot intact. Cross the straps over in an X across the back, and tie another simple knot in the middle, just above the waistline. Bring the straps back to the front around the waist, cross over and bring them through to the back once more. Tie and secure the straps in the back. You might need help with this one!

Simple Tank

For those who like a simple look that offers support, the simple tank is the way to go. Start with each strap over their respective shoulders. Cross them over your back in an X, then bring the straps around to the front at waist height.

Here’s where you can add a bit of flair to the look. Rather than merely wrapping around your waist a few times and securing in the back, add a loop effect in the front. Wrap the ties around each other in the middle of your waist, creating a criss-cross, and bring the straps back the way they came. Tie in the back for a look that’s elegant and relaxed.

Practice Makes Perfect

Choose a few looks that appeal to you and try them out before the big day. By practicing beforehand, you’ll be able to make the dress look how you want it without stress when the time comes. Don’t be afraid to rely on your fellow bridesmaids for help!