Sony A9: Great specs, small body, and a heavy price tag

Sony A9 front/left side angle
Sony will release the A9 in May. Image: YouTube.

What makes the Samsung Galaxy S8 a good smartphone?

Black Samsung Galaxy S8.
Image: Android Central.

MasterCard announces the new “Biometric Card”

Phone sign-in for Microsoft accounts is here (iOS & Android)

Microsoft's new authenticator demo
Log on your computer, type your user, approve the session initialization on your phone, and that's it. Image: Microsoft.

Harvard expert discovers LHS 1140b, a “habitable” exoplanet

Nintendo could launch a new mini-SNES as a Christmas hit!

SNES photograph
A mini-SNES version could be in the works. Image: ThingLink.

ShotSpotter played a key role in catching the Fresno shooter

Fresno shooter photograpgh
Fresno shooter photo. Image: Washington Post.

Asteroid 2014 JO25 will safely fly by Earth on April 19

Asteroid digital art
Image: wallPaperSafari.

Goodbye needles, the Apple Watch will monitor sugar levels!

Apple Watch 2 with the heart rate app on screen.
Apple's smart watch will start monitoring te user's sugar level. Image: Trusted Reviews.

NASA ex-astronaut’s treasure map inspires shipwreck hunt

Gordon Cooper - Discovery Channel
Gordon Cooper - Discovery Channel. Image: Vanity Fair.

We are making AIs sexist and racist

AI wallpaper
Image: WallpaperPulse.

Experts “photograph” dark matter for the first time in history

Dark matter's fisrt image by the University of Waterloo
Image: University of Waterloo.

Microsoft will showcase Project Scorpio at the E3 2017

project scorpio - e3 - microsoft - release date - price
Project Scorpio will make it s first appearance at the E3 in June. Image: YouTube.

Why you should care about Google WebVR Experiments

Nintendo officialy discontinues the NES Classic Edition

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Mini NES,discontinued
Image: YouTube/theUSBport.