“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2B returned on Sunday night
Fear of the Walking Dead season 2B, the group slits. Image credit: Screen Rant.

This Sunday, August 21, the post-apocalyptic spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead” returned to finish up its second season on AMC at 9 pm EST.

Created by Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman, author of the comic book and producer of the main series, “Fear the Walking Dead” quickly adopted the same practices of its parent show. The “The Walking Dead” companion series first aired on August 23 last year and since then, 13 episodes spanning two seasons have aired.

The AMC original show returns after a three-month summer hiatus, having left audiences at a climatic point in the story following seven episodes of the second season. Initially set in Los Angeles, California, the main cast has now escaped the outbreak by sea, reaching the Baja California area in the neighboring country, Mexico.

Season 2B will see the original group split into three parties

Following a sudden zombie outbreak seemingly originated in Los Angeles, a group of survivors spontaneously forms as they all try to escape. The story itself starts in a similar fashion to the original “The Walking Dead”, with heroin-addict 19-year-old Nick Clark waking up in a hospital after fleeing from his zombie-turned girlfriend Gloria and being hit by a car.

First believed to be hallucinating from his heroin addiction, the city quickly realizes Nick was right, as the outbreak spreads and his own mother Madison and her boyfriend Travis encounter a walker and become first-hand witnesses of the zombie horror.

Events quickly escalate and the survivor party gets bigger, eventually being submitted to a quarantine imposed by the National Guard and the military in the whole city of Los Angeles. When it becomes evident the outbreak is out of control, the group comes up with an evacuation and escape plan before the city is wiped out by the military hoping to contain the crisis.

What’s the scenario for Fear of the Walking Dead season 2B?

Setting sail off the coast of California aboard the Abigail and commanded by Victor Strand, the group embarks on a journey to Mexico looking to flee the impending collapse of society post zombie apocalypse. The journey not only proved to be a collective effort for survival, but also a personal experience in which the characters dealt with inner conflicts as they sought to atone for past sins.

Last time viewers checked on the cast was on May 22 during the episode titled “Shiva.” “Fear the Walking Dead” saw its cast truly fragmented for the first time, as Nick continues his newly found addiction on his own, Travis and his son Chris bond again, and Strand, Ofelia, Madison, and Alicia march on following the tragic events at the compound.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter