Tripwire announces official Killing Floor 2 release date
Killing Floor 2 brings new Zeds, perks, weapons and game modes. Image credit: PlayStation.

On Friday, Tripwire Interactive announced the official release date for Killing Floor 2 on its website. The Co-op, sci-fi horror FPS will arrive the stores on November 18, 2016. The game will be available for PC platform and Playstation 4.

The PC digital version of Killing Floor 2 will be available through Steam. The base version will cost $29,99 while the PC digital deluxe version will have a $39,99 price tag. 

Killing Floor 2 takes place one month after the events that occurred in the original Killing Floor. A Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment rapidly spread all over continental Europe paralyzing the continent. The specimen clones are everywhere in Europe causing chaos and mayhem. 

Governments collapsed, the military forces were destroyed and the communications have failed. Human’s last hope is a group of survivors working together to fight the zeds. Players will have to track the specimen outbreak and exterminate the clones.

Killing Floor 2 brings gore to a whole new level

ESRB has not rated the title, but Tripwire developers anticipated a matures only rating. Killing Floor 2 will bring the gore to the next level. The title features a high powered persistent blood system with the best effects in the genre. Players will be able to mutilate and butcher hordes of enemies. The history mode features solo play or up to 6 players co-op. Several characters are playable to fight the specimens.

The title also features a 12 player PvP Versus Survival Game Mode. Players will be divided into two groups of 6. During the first round, six players will play as the humans, and the rest will play as the zeds. The round finishes when all people are dead or when the zed boss is defeated. Then, the groups switch roles. Whoever gets the highest score wins.

The game also revamped Zeds to be terrifying and smarter than the ones in the original title. They will work in groups to crush the players with new powerful attacks.

Killing Floor 2 also created a new melee combat systems. Players will be able to use a different kind of attacks to deliver massive damage to the specimens.  The title also includes a brand new set of weapons from classic historical guns to the most modern arsenal. The perks system was also reworked to add better talents and create new play styles.

Deep Silver is going to bring Killing Floor 2 to the PlayStation 4 while Iceberg Interactive is going to distribute it for PC. 

Source: Tripwire Interactive