The console will feature the same DualShock 4 and the PS4 and the PSN system to interact with regular PS4 users. Image Source: Twitter

Sony Corporation (NASDAQ: SNE) will send out invitations to an upcoming ‘PlayStation Meeting,’ spicing up rumors about the reveal of their new gaming console, the PlayStation Neo.

The event will be on September 7 in PlayStation Theatre in New York with the promise from Sony to “share details about the PlayStation business.”

PS4 Neo’s reveal is long overdue for fans of the next generation gaming console. The top-end Neo version of the PlayStation 4 is rumored since last April, and the official announcement came in June before the launch of E3 2016.

As of now, Sony has only said the upcoming console will have enhanced visual performance. In June, Sony CEO Andrew House also revealed that it would have a faster processor and support Ultra HD 4K resolution. Evidently, it will be more expensive.

What do we now about PS4 NEO?

The improved console is designed for pro and hardcore gamers, with boosted processing capability to make it compatible with virtual reality titles. Among the mandatory improvements, gamers hope for 1080p resolution, higher and more stable frame rates, improved graphic fidelity and additional graphic features.

Sony adds that Neo won’t fracture the fan base, so there will be no exclusive games for the upcoming console, all games should still work on the soon-to-be outdated PS4. There will be native 4K games, but the PS4 Neo will be able to escalate titles up to 4K.

As of October 2016, all new games will offer a Neo mode to provide visual enhancements

Login will also be compatible with the two systems, with the same user interface.

The PlayStation Store will also be the same, with expected Neo-added features to some games. The update will go toe-to-toe with “Project Scorpio” of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), an upgraded version of the Xbox One.

 An honest graphic breakdown

Let us remember that PlayStation for has specs that may seem old compared to top-end gaming PC. Sony launched it in November 2013 with a two quad-core modules, 1.6 GHz processor and a 8 GB of GDDR5 ram memory. It also has an in-built algorithm to squeeze more juice out of its graphical system.

Games like The Witcher 3 have already surpassed the capacities of the current generation consoles. The title runs at 1080p at a solid 30fps on the $400 PS$, and at 900p with the same frame rate with the Xbox One.

Such a feat would require a much expensive mid-range PC while turning the game on ultra would need an overpowered and costly machine. Playing visual-hungry titles like Far Cry 4 on 4K and expecting above 50 frames per second would require top-end PCs armed with the latest of the graphical processing units, such as Nvidia Titan X.

As it tends to happen, PS Neo and “Project Scorpio”, both mid-generation upgrades, will probably offer high-quality graphics for much less money than a powerful gaming PC. Keep in mind that visual improvement starts to diminish the higher you go up. The human eye can only see so far.

Source: VICE