Stephen Hawking warns about the dangers of contacting alien life.
Stephen Hawking warns about the dangers of contacting alien life. Image credit: Hufftington Post.

Where can you find Stephen Hawking’s favorite places?

The famous novelist and physicist, Stephen Hawking, released a short film about alien life on September 23. Under the title of “Stephen Hawking’s favorite places,” the film takes viewers on a journey through space and time. It is available worldwide on the Curiosity Steam platform for free.

Its ultimate goal is to warn humankind about the dangers of making contact with aliens. Hawking is an enthusiast regarding extraterrestrial life, and this is not the first time he addresses the subject.

Guided by the voice of the physicist itself, viewers join him on board of the “USS Hawking” space ship to explore five different key points of galactic history.  The first stop is the Big Bang, where a very vivid recreation of what scientist believed that happened is shown.

Stephen Hawkings thinks Glise 832c could have intelligent life

During the CGI sequences, Hawking explains the physics behind the creation of the universe and how other forms of life could have resulted from this process.

The second destination is The Sagittarius A* black hole. The narration continues with a full explanation of Hawking’s theory on how matter moves and suffers different transformations inside a black hole.

Then, the USS Hawking takes a closer flight to Saturn and its famous rings. The narrator comments on how the harsh conditions of the planet forbid life on its surface. Most reviewers agreed this part of the film was the most interesting.

Afterward, viewers have a short visit to a distant planet, the Glise 832c. According to him, it is the star with the highest possibilities of housing intelligent life. He considers humanity should be careful when dealing with signals coming from it or if scientists decide to send robots around this system.

The last stop is Cal Tech, Stephen Hawking’s Alma Mater. He explains how his investigations began and how he started looking at the universe through the lens of science.

During this closing discussion, Hawking warns alien life could be potentially threatening for human beings, and no one should take it lightly. He even compares the event to the first contact Native Americans had with Christopher Columbus.

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places is a must see for everyone

So far “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places” has received a 95% of approval and it has been shared at least 150 times during its first day. Some users have made reviews on social media sites.

Most of them agree that the trip has impressive visual effects and equally important scientific explanations. They have also mentioned they did believe in alien life after watching this short video, but some of them are skeptical about the threats explained in the film.

Source: Curiosity Steam Platform The Guardian