Rezvani Beast Alpha first look. Image: Rezvani.

On Wednesday, Rezvani Motors unveiled a new addition to its automotive lineup at Los Angeles Auto Show: the Rezvani Beast Alpha. The powerful vehicle features a previously unseen design in sportscars doors, dubbed by the company as ‘SideWinder Doors.’

The Rezvani Motors company started back in 2014, and the Beast Alpha is the latest car developed by the firm. It is joining the base Beast model and the performance-based Beast X. The two previous vehicles are luxury supercars based on the Ariel Atom.

The Rezvani Beast Alpha is the latest sports car released for the U.S. market. Recent launches have seen the Faraday Future teasing a new car and Ford revealing a Mustang for the race tracks.

Rezvani Beast Alpha: A supercar with a genuinely new design

The new supercar by Rezvani arrives as a breath of fresh air to the industry. The most distinctive feature of the Beast Alpha is, of course, its stylish ‘SideWinder’ doors.

Like most supercars, the way in which the doors open makes quite an impression. The doors on the Rezvani Beast Alpha are no different, and they are the clearest dominance statement of the aggressive-looking car.

Beast Alpha new door system
Rezvani Beast Alpha SideWinder Doors photos1. Image: Rezvani

Instead of opening like regular vehicle doors do, or upwards ‘Seagull’ style like most recent supercars, the ‘SideWinder’ doors open out and then slide forward across the body of the Beast Alpha.

Once inside the car, drivers need only to pull the door towards them, and it seamlessly slides back into place. The inclusion of doors is already an upgrade in comparison with the base Beast model, though, since the first Rezvani car has no doors at all.

Rezvani Beast Alpha door pictures
Rezvani Beast Alpha sidewinder doors photos. Image: Rezvani.

Rezvani Beast Alpha specs and price

Out of all three cars by Rezvani, the Beast Alpha is the heaviest of the bunch at 1,950 lbs or 884 kg. The extra weight of the car is, presumably, due to the ‘SideWinder’ doors and its innovative opening system.

The Beast Alpha is also the slowest of the three Rezvani models, but it lives up to the automaker’s reputation with a 0-60 mph reach in just 3.2 seconds. The Beast makes it to 60 in 2.7 and the Beast X in 2.5.

Rezvani Alpa Beast Interior pictures
Rezvani Alpa Beast Interior. Image: Rezvani.

The new Rezvani supercar packs 500 horsepower under the hood thanks to its Acura 2.4-liter, K24 turbocharged engine. Like its lineup brothers, it comes in two driving configurations: a 6-speed manual gearbox or a sequential automatic transmission.

The Rezvani Beast Alpha will cost approximately $200,000, and each car will be custom-made to the customer taste. The vehicle will also be the first of its kind to support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto when it rolls out in 2017.

Source: Rezvani Motors