A 65-year-old man died while watching the horror film The Conjuring 2 in a theater auditorium last week.

The man who hailed from Andhra Pradesh complained of chest pain during the movies’ climax and fainted shortly afterward. He was taken to the ‘Old Government Hospital,’ where doctors pronounced him dead.

The Horror movie “The Conjuring 2” was being screened at Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The cine goer who hailed from AP started feeling uneasy and fainted during the climax of the film.

Medics rushed him to the nearest Medical Center where he was declared dead on arrival. According to Times of India, the body was to be taken to the

Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital for post-mortem, but the cadaver and the person who was tasked with transporting the body to the Medical College have both gone missing.

There is a rational explanation for the death as well as the disappearance of the body, but the incident has spawned a wave of supernatural panic across the social media which has accompanied the release of the flick.

A video which depicts a woman getting possessed while viewing the film has become viral on the social media and is splattered all over Facebook and viral new sites in South East Asia. However on closer examination it was found that the video in question was made in 2013, much before the release of the film.

Still another Facebook post which went viral and had been shared widely depicts a ‘Cross” on a mirror in his hotel room which the man who hails from Singapore found watching “The Conjuring 2.” The man named Damian Ng Yih Leong said that it was an encounter with paranormal activity.

The producers of the film must be cheering and basking in the buzz which has been created around the flick on the web.