It's worth noticing the latest Survivor, the Milennials vs. Gen-X season will feature a new interesting trinket called Totem. Image Source: EW

CBS has announced the 33rd season of its famous competition show, Survivor, with an interesting plot twist. Now the contesting tribes will be divided by the age of its members. The two teams will be known as the Vanua tribe uniting the Millennials and the Takali tribe which will be made up of the Generation-X contestants.

The first episode of this new season will feature full 90 minutes intro to provide enough time to set things in motion right at the beginning. The show will be aired on September 21 at 8:00 p.m. at CBS Channel or online at CBS’s live streaming site.

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X tries to pit against each other contestants from different age ‘generations.’ The millennials are all young adults who were born in the 90’s and are attributed an innate ability to adapt to any situation to take advantage. On the other hand, the Generation X are the veterans who were born in since the 60’s and 80’s.

They are the current adult generation in society, characterized by a very narrowed yet efficient way of thinking. Image Source: NatGeo

CBS promises many interesting twists this season besides just age gaps

The show’s Host, Jeff Probst, has already confirmed that all contestants will be entirely new to the competition, this will guarantee that the only factor that will give advantages to each team is the age and physical condition of its members.

Another significant addition is that this season will feature a new interesting trinket called Totem. These randomly chosen items will function as an immunity charm that makes a contestant not eligible for elimination when a particular round ends. These items are going to be scattered all over the island in strategic locations which promises to spark the competition even more.

CBS’s executives confirmed this season would be shot in Fiji, a site previously chosen by the franchise to host the 12th edition of the competition. Image Source: CBS

The idea behind the Millenials vs. Generation-X

Jeff also expanded the concept behind this new season, as he believes that it will be a total success because of the change in strategy. Usually, Survivor teams tend to mix younger and careless participants with seasoned, wise ones to create balanced teams.

This time around, having two teams made up of similar types of contestants will force them to exploit their opponent weaknesses while being careful with their own.

The clash between the experienced Generation-X versus the fearless attitude of the Millennials is what Probst seeks to show during this season. Image Source: EW

An interesting story shared by the host to illustrate his point was the emergency evacuation that was called during the shooting of the first episode. Due to a typhoon that hit Fiji during that week, both teams had to be evacuated immediately for security reasons. He explained that way the teams behaved during this event was an exciting showcase of what to expect for this season.

Source: CBS