A Dog's Purpose brings an interesting take on a film based on the canine's point of view as he lives plenty of dog lifes while searching for his purpose. Image Source: ET

A Dog’s Purpose seems like the standard family living with the 4-legged mascot. But the movie’s first trailer that starts with Bailey the dog and his ever loving young owner suddenly veers into a different plot: Bailey reincarnates to keep changing people’s lives.

The movie occurs inside the perspective of the reincarnating dog between the 1940s and 1990s in a small American town. The trailer tells at least six lives for the dog, the last of which the dog goes back to its original owner, Ethan.

In each life, the dog finds his real purpose by discovering unique ways to help each person that finds him. The trailer launched just in time for the National Dog Day, and what better way to celebrate it than with a story that explores the bond between humans and dogs.

Through his various flesh-vessels, the dog wonders on the meaning of his own existence through the deep relationship he develops with a variety of people. It promises an emotional roller-coaster ride for every dog owner and lover out there.

The movie is an adaptation of New York Times bestseller “A Dog’s Purpose,” a 2010 comedy novel written by American humorist W. Bruce Cameron.

The summary of the book revolves around a dog conscious enough to know each one of his bodies will eventually fail, and he will suffer along those who love him.

“A Dog’s Purpose” cast

Dennis Quaid is the biggest name in the movie. He plays the role of Bailey’s original owner as an adult and embodies a heartwarming rendezvous with the mascot that accompanied through his teenage years.

Comedy actor Josh Gad is the voice that reincarnates over. To round up the list is “Tomorrowland” star Britt Robertson, as well as Peggy Lipton, K.J. Apa. Juliet Rylance, Luke Kirby, Pooch Hall, and John Ortiz

Lasse Hallström is the director of the film. Other recent works of the Sweden filmmaker includes “Chocolat” (2000); “Dear John” (2010); and “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (2009). His movies tend to stretch long through several acts and cyclic plot twist.

DreamWorks is the house that produces the film, while Universal Studios is the distributor.

The film will premiere on January 27, 2017. It will be the second title to hit the theaters that day, following the release of Sony’s “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.”

Source: Collider