A brand new gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2, focusing on Corvo Attano, has just been released. Image Source: VR Games

Dishonored launched back in 2012 and still holds as one of the greatest stealth action-adventure games of the decade. Fans are still waiting to see what’s coming next for the industrial city Dunwall, but at least they can rejoice with the new gameplay trailer that shows Emily in action.

Once the gamers get a grip of Dishonored, the complex gameplay mechanics suddenly start to make sense, and the characters become brutal assassins capable of incredible feats and deadly creative moves.

Bethesda’s new trailer features even more of what made the game great. The last preview showed Corvo’s gameplay, but the new one shines a spotlight on how both him and Emily can chain multiple abilities to kill their targets.

Emily’s devastating powers

Anyone keeping track knows that the game will allow choosing whether to plays as Karnaca’s Empress Emily Kaldwin or as her bodyguard Corvo Attano, the protagonist of Dishonored 1.

For the first time, fans get to know a range of Emily’s abilities. One them is the “Domino Effect,” a power that “links targets so they share the same fate.” So, if one dies electrocuted in a security gate, everyone dies.

She rocks the “Doppelganger” power, an ability to summon a shade of herself to lure targets. She can even link the puppet with the enemies with the Domino Effect and, say, use the “Far Reach” power to pull enemies into the multiple traps she can build.

She might trade places with her clone with the “Transposition” skill and shot an exploding barrel from afar.

“Shadow Walk” is a darker ability. It makes Emily turn into a demonic shadow that crawls to her enemies like an invisible presence. Likely, “Bloodfly Swarm” eats enemies’ corpses until they run out of blood.

Corvo’s arsenal

His trademark blink move got an upgrade from the previous game. He will have a “Blink Assault” variation, so he can warp towards foes with a surprise kick or push to gain the upper edge in combat.

He also keeps the “Bend Time” power to stops time for a short duration. To make it more exciting, he can put a shrapnel trap in an enemy’s back and push him to the crowd with a blink push to make them all explode.

On the other hand, he gains a simpler new move: a body snatch to grab the enemies by the throat when he approaches from stealth.

Dishonored 2 take off on November 11 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

The release date suggests it will be the studio’s big release this holiday, a sign of the confidence they have on Arkane’s stealth hit.

Dishonored 2 plot is fifteen years after the opening title, where Corvo restored Emily to the throne after she was framed for her mother’s murder.

On the time in between, Emily trained with Corvo to become an assassin, and now the Empire plunges again into chaos after an “otherworldly usurper” takes the throne away from her.

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