According to the dedicated media, the British man was one of the masterminds behind the successful marketing of the Apple Watch. Now, Chipperfield has been hired to do the same for the automotive manufacturer. Image Credit: TCC

Tesla Motors hired Chester Chipperfield, Apple’s former employee and Burberry’s VP, as its new Global Creative Director. The rumor has it the company hired the British man in the last couple of weeks, but nor Chipperfield or Tesla Motors said anything about it. However, the tech expert updated his Twitter account, and now it says he works with Tesla. The exact date remains unknown, though.

Chester Chipperfield was first heard of for his work with Burberry when he was working as the Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design. He worked there for three years, 2011 to 2014, transforming himself into a digital retail master. That’s why Apple hired him in January 2015 as a part of the ‘Special Projects‘ team. Said division is rumored to be in charge of all Apple’s secret projects, and the not so secret ones like the Titan Car Project.

The man behind PayPal said Tesla Motors was going to start making a substantial revenue within the second half of 2016, and it might seem like the tech magnate’s words are becoming a reality. Elon Musk’s car company had an assertive bump on the stock market this Monday. Also, Musk’s ‘side project’ SpaceX carried out an important mission to the International Space Station without complications.

Self-driving cars are an unstoppable reality in the not so far future

Last month, the company reported the first fatal accident involving its auto-pilot feature, and the authorities on the case haven’t said anything about the inspection. However, the Guardian wrote an extensive article about the accident concluding the car’s auto-pilot had not caused the accident. Moreover, a poll carried out by the Tesla Motors showed not a single one of its customers wants to turn off the auto-pilot, or so Musk said in a Twitter post. In a related issue, The European automotive authorities decided to carry out an investigation on the self-driving feature on their own just to see how well it complied with the regulations. Last Friday, the European officials said there were no safety concerns with the software.

That leaves the financial situation. Tesla has never been famous for selling a lot of cars, and it is not the intention of its founder, but it is a concern for the people paying the bills. Which is why shareholders were shocked when Musk proposed the purchase of SolarCity, another company infamous for not making a substantial profit. A lot of experts speculate the acquisition of Chester Chipperfield seeks to improve the retail market strategy for Tesla Motors.

The new Global Creative Director is not the first person from Burberry Tesla Motors hires. A small group of ex-Burberry workers joined Tesla’s retail team as well, including Ganesh Srivats who is the company’s Vice President of Retail-Americas. Only time will tell if including Chipperfield turned out profitable for Elon Musk’s auto company.

Source: Electrek