Stranger Things poster
Stranger Things poster. Image credit: IGN.

Netflix confirmed the sequel to the summer hit Stranger Things

The American streaming giant Netflix announced the much-expected renewal of its summer smash-hit ‘Stranger Things’ for the second season. Netflix broke the news through a teaser trailer posted on YouTube earlier this Wednesday, August 31.

The announcement follows an instant success among viewers of the streaming platform. The first season of ‘Stranger Things’ quickly gained a cult following base, with more and more fans of the show to join as the sequel premieres next year.

‘Stranger Things’ season 2 teaser trailer features the iconic opening title sequence spelling the words ‘Season Two’ instead of the show’s title. As the letters come together, the titles of the upcoming nine episodes show up as well. The setting for the next adventure will take place during the fall of 1984.

What can fans expect in season 2? 

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack, the Duffer Brothers Ross and Matt sat down to shed some more light on the upcoming season of ‘Stranger Things’.

First off, fans can rejoice and take a deep breath after the Duffers confirmed the show wouldn’t be an anthology, choosing to stick with the charming main cast instead. Season two will take viewers back to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the fall of 1984, nearly one year after the events that unfolded during the first season.

While Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin will return, the show’s creators made no mention of Eleven AKA ‘El’, the mysterious psychokinetic prodigy girl that proved to be instrumental for the original show’s plot.

That open statement is most likely just to tease audiences, as the shaved girl is a fan favorite character and a big puzzle piece of the bigger mystery in ‘Stranger Things’.

Ross and Matt Duffer also confirmed the cast of the show would expand, introducing four new characters in the second season. The gang will also adventure far from the small town of Hawkins, the showrunners claimed, taking the beloved children “a little bit outside” Indiana.

Those who were left wondering what else could lie in the alternate dimension dubbed the ‘Upside Down’ will find some more answers come season 2, as the Duffer Brothers said the story would delve deeper into the mysterious opposite world during the James Cameron-inspired nine-episode season.

Chapter list and estimated release date

The list of new episodes includes the following titles: ‘Madmax,’ ‘The Boy Who Came Back to Life,’ ‘The Pumpkin Patch,’ ‘The Palace,’ ‘The Storm,’ ‘The Pollywog,’ ‘The Secret Cabin,’ ‘The Brain,’ and ‘The Lost Brother.’

Producers of the show did not state a specific release date for the ‘Stranger Things’ sequel series, but it may arrive around the same time the original premiered, placing the show as a summer binge again.

Source: Entertainment Weekly