"Stranger things" is set in 1980's Indiana and tells the story of Will Byers. Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Netflix’s new show “Stranger Things” has become a major success worldwide since its debut in July.

With numerous positive reviews and a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the horror web series now tops the streaming charts as it reached about 8.2 million viewers, according to the rating tracker startup, SymphonyAM. Critics have also praised Wynona Ryder`s performance as Joyce Byers.

Besides, the massive amount of easter eggs and homages to sci-fi movie classics like “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”, “E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, have helped the Netflix original to win the crown as the show of the summer.

A retro atmosphere surrounds the show

“Stranger things” is set in 1980’s Indiana and tells the story of Will Byers – played by Noah Schnapp-, a young boy who mysteriously disappears, forcing a group of his closest friends to start a relentless quest to find him.

Along the way, the group encounters a girl who introduces herself as “Eleven” – played by Millie Bobby Brown – who joins the search and possesses telekinetic powers. Will Byers’s mother, Joyce Byers – Wynona Ryder – is also desperate to find her son with the help of detective Jim Hopper -played by David Harbour-.

Eventually, Mrs. Byers starts to experience external contacts from dimensional beings. The plot has plenty of twists and shocking moments that have earned the show its current reputation.

Stranger Things” almost didn`t happen

The series was created and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer who were genuinely surprised when Netflix picked the original script. About 15 to 20 networks rejected the show; Matt Duffer estimated during an interview for Roling Stone. He also discussed some of the feedback the brothers got from various Tv executives.

And Mr.Duffer proved right, as “Stranger Things” is currently on the top three of Netflix’s recent releases, after “Fuller House” and “Orange Is The New Black”, according to SynphonyAm, a rate tracker that has been cited by NBC as a reliable source.

Heavy-synth music complements the story

The show’s soundtrack has also been a matter of celebration from the audience and critics. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of the Austin-based band “S U R V I V E” are responsible for the score. The duo has recently announced the release of a first volume containing the original music that will be available on iTunes this Friday, August 12th, with the second volume following next week.

The future of the series remains a mystery, as Netflix has not ordered a second season, yet, the showrunners are optimistic about their creation, according to Ross Duffer.

“Stranger Things” is available for streaming only on Netflix.

Source: Bussiness Insider