Rocket League AquaDome DLC, achievements, features, new cars and arenas.
Rocket League AquaDome DLC, achievements, features, new cars and arenas. Xboxachievements.

Psyonix released today a new Rocket League update featuring the free AquaDome downloadable content (DLC). A week ago, Rocket League announced through its official YouTube channel the game’s latest arena located at the bottom of the ocean.

Rocket League’s last update included the highly-anticipated Rumble mode. The 1.22 patch also featured micro-transactions via the Crates and Keys system, player-to-player trading, and three new arenas.

Psyonix’s vehicular soccer video game has become a commercial success ever since it first launched on Microsoft Windows (PC) and PlayStation 4 consoles in July 2015. Rocket League has grossed over $70 million. An Xbox One version hit stores back in February.

Rocket League, which has at least 18 million unique players, combines soccer with rocket-powered cars. Therefore, it has become a popular eSport for professional players to participate in the ESL, Major League Gaming, and Rocket League Championship Series.

How to unlock AquaDome arena’s achievements?

In addition to being added to all casual and competitive playlists, the AquaDome arena features seven new achievements: GG, Trifecta, Infinite Power!, Stopped Cold, Sea Turtle, Get Up, Mr. Bubbles!, and Rocket Genocider.

Players can get GG by winning the MVP award in an overtime game, while the Trifecta requires them to score, save a goal, and make an assist in a single match. Infinite Power! demands gamers to activate all power-ups in Rumble mode, and to acquire Stopped Cold they need to freeze an opponent’s shot on goal.

Gamers have to go to AquaDome Map first to get Sea Turtle and Get Up Mr. Bubbles! The former requires players to score while flipped on their backs, while the latter unlocks when gearing up the Bubbles Rocket Trail and scoring an Aerial goal. Finally, Rocket Genocider asks players to make 535 shots on goal.

Rocket League’s 1.24 patch features two new Battle-cars and updated areas

Premium Showroom now offers the DLC Battle-cars Proteus and Triton for purchase each featuring six new Decals. Meanwhile, Road Hog and Hotshot vehicles received visual upgrades. Regarding the scenarios, the Cosmic and Octagon have been updated and added to the Rocket Labs playlist.

The 1.24 patch also added Champions Crate III to the post-game drop table, allowing players to find it on rare occasions after online matches. The Crate includes items such as the Breakout Type-S Import Body.

Other new features include three Uncommon Antennas Harpoon (Harpoon, Trident, and Starfish), two Rocket Trails (Ink and Treasure), one Topper called Clamshell, and two Wheels (Asterias and Zeta). Rumble mode also got two bug fixes concerning the Magnetizer and Spike power-ups.

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