Nintendo announces 4 Fire Emblem titles for 2017 (Trailers)

Nintendo hosted its Fire Emblem Direct live on their official website and YouTube. The video game giant presented four new games coming to the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and mobile devices this year and in 2018.

Fire Emblem Heroes will debut for Android devices on February 2, followed by Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the 3DS on May 19.

Fire Emblem Warriors will come to both the 3DS and the Switch in the Fall, and a Nintendo Switch exclusive title is planned for a 2018 release.

The Japanese giant covered a lot of ground during this Wednesday’s Fire Emblem Direct, including storylines, plot, main characters, and release date of the coming games, so let’s go straight to the details.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia will honor Gaiden’s legacy

The first title presented by Nintendo was Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It will take place in the fictional continent of Valentia, where two sibling gods rule opposing parts of the territory in the brink of war.

Duma, a harsh and violent deity, rules the northern lands of Rigel. Mila, his carefree and benevolent sister, rules the Kingdom of Zofia in the south of Valentia.

Their governing philosophies have taken people from both parts of the continent to their limits, and it is up to the protagonists Alm and Celica to stop the war along with their allies.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is a spiritual remake of 1992’s Fire Emblem Gaiden, the second title of the series. It reimagines all aspects of the game and throws modern elements on top including free roaming on the map.

This first Fire Emblem Game launches on May 19 for the Nintendo 3DS, and it will cost $39.99. Amiibo figures of Alm and Celica will go on sale as a bundle also on this date.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch will arrive in 2018

Fans of the upcoming Nintendo Switch will get their own Fire Emblem game, as the Japanese giant is currently developing an exclusive title scheduled for debut in 2018.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch (Nintendo’s working title) will be the first in proprietary console systems since 2008’s Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn came out for the Wii.

Fire Emblem Warriors launches this Fall

In partnership with Koei Tecmo Games, Nintendo will bring Fire Emblem Warriors to the Nintendo Switch this Fall. The battle-based game is the second title in the Warriors series after Hyrule Warriors debuted on the Wii U.

Fire Emblem Warriors, however, will hit not only the Switch but also the next-gen 3DS and 3DS XL systems. It is unknown if these titles will launch at the same time as the one for the Switch, but if not they should follow soon after.

Fire Emblem Heroes lets you play with your favorite characters

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first mobile game of the franchise, and it will let players fight with their favorite characters of the franchise and recruit them to battle in their parties.

The Android and iOS title will feature simple six by nine maps where a four-member party made up of characters of your choice will stand against several different enemies, including other heroes.

Heroes brings a familiar system to Fire Emblem veteran players: attributes. Attributes act in the same way the weapon triangle does, with red representing swords, green axes, and blue lances. Grey is neutral for staff wielders and some magic users, but each attribute-color can also stand for spells.

Players can summon Fire Emblem characters by using orbs earned during matches. The color of the sphere determines the type of hero you get, and the stars on top of their names denote their strength.

Heroes are available with different star ratings: 3 bronze stars, 4 silver, and 5 gold. More stars mean more power, better weapons, and skills. You can also level up your “weak” heroes up to five stars, unlocking abilities in the process.

The game’s menu has five modes. Story Maps follow the main storyline, while the Training Tower is to gain experience and rewards. Special Maps grants access to seasonal events, and Arena Duels lets you participate in successive battles to earn high scores. There is also a mystery mode noted with just three question marks (???).

A separate mode called Hero Battles pits you against a set of enemies led by a character that will join you if you defeat him. These heroes could vary in rating and power and may be rarer than those you get through summoning.

Fire Emblem Heroes launches on February 2 on Google Play for Android devices, and at a later date soon for iPhone and iPad. It will be free to download with in-app purchases. You can pre-register for the game tomorrow, January 19.

Source: Nintendo