TWD's season 7 continues to show a new establishment, soon-to-be overthrown by either Rick and his crew or The Kingdom. Image Source: Player FM

The Walking Dead Season 7 has not pleased anyone, and the ratings are already showing the consequences of the filler-heavy plot as the show saw a drop from over 17 million viewers on the shocking premiere to just below 10 million.

10 million would be a good number for almost any show, but not for the number 1 series on TV. Many viewers and critics are already asking the quick demise of the new villain, Negan, as they believe it would be the only way to bring the series back to life.

Negan’s death is not a likely possibility on the upcoming midseason finale. In fact, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said AMC renewed its contract for season 8.

But, as fans already now, TWD’s mid-season finale episodes are crucial, shocking, and feature at least one death. More so, these episodes have always left Rick and crew hanging on a dangerous cliff.

Will Rick Grimes and King Ezequiel finally meet?

The promo for episode 8 shows characters in the Kingdom, Alexandria and the Sanctuary making a move against Negan, so it seems the chapter will focus on various characters at the same time, contrary to what viewers have seen in the past weeks.

The Walking Dead lost its way after the first episode. Showrunners have decided to take their time telling B-stories and focusing on minor characters before making the plot move forward or making the different set pieces and character meet each other.

Many weeks ago they introduced King Ezequiel and the Kingdom, both major stakeholders on the graphic novels on the battles to come against Negan. However, AMC’s show has left this thread for so long that the viewers will not care anymore for Carol, Morgan, or the CGI tiger.

The midseason finale is a good moment to introduce Rick Grimes to its potential allies finally, as well as turning Hilltop and Jesus into a more relevant character.

“Make me a bullet”

Rosita and Eugene are on the severe side of the plot. Rosita will not forget how Negan smashed Abraham’s head: he was her friend, her companion and her lover, and she eagerly wants revenge.

Eugene is slowly turning from the resident coward into a useful guy, and the bullet might well be ready for episode 8.

Actor Josh McDermitt (Eugene), has teased the event will end with a bang: while Negan is in Alexandria and Rick is not, things will go out of control thanks to Rosita’s lone mission.

McDermitt’s forecast spells a grim future for Rosita. If it happens, Negan might force her to join his personal harem of wives, or he could choose to punish another member of the cast, probably a minor character like Aaron or Spencer.

By the end of the promo, Rick is looking very distraught about something he is seeing. It seems like fans are in for yet another shocking cliffhanger.

Source: AMC