norman-reedus-pandorum-death-scene. Image credit: Comic Book.

U.S. – Ahead of the second episode of the The Walking Dead Season 7, there is a photo running around the Internet of Daryl Dixon hanging with his guts open. The spoiler picture says Norman Reedus’ character is next to die in the series.

Last week, viewers were shocked to see Negan took not one but two lives with his barbed-wired bat, Lucille. Now a new allegedly leaked picture has fans worried about Dixon’s destiny. Negan’s group took him away last episode. first posted the photo after a fan shared it on Facebook. However, the picture came from Reedus’ movie Pandorum, and not from The Walking Dead. The leaked photo traces back to 2013, and every year the hoax goes viral again.

A longtime rumor: Daryl Dixon’s fake death spoiler photo

The photo comes from the 2009 movie Pandorum, a sci-fi horror film starring Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster. Norman Reedus plays the role of Shepard, a secondary character who dies midway the movie.

It is unclear how the rumor first came to be, but Reedus’ death scene from Pandorum became a The Walking Dead fake spoiler back in 2013.

It became somewhat of an internet meme to take the photo and circulate it over social medias and Reddit forums. It first surfaced when The Governor captured Daryl in the mid-season finale of the third season.

Then it surfaced again in season 4 forecasting Daryl’s ultimate demise when he reaches Terminus. And finally, in season 6, many fans posted the leaked photo believing the character would be captured and killed by The Wolves rogue group.

What is to happen to Daryl Dixon? reported episode 2 would focus on Daryl Dixon. Negan took him last chapter and now The Saviors have him.

On an interview with the outlet, the actor Norman Reedus says the character will plunge into despair and hatred as he will blame himself for Glenn’s death.

On the premiere, Daryl punched Negan in the face and caused the villain to punish the group further by killing Glenn. Now, Negan is probably going to play with Daryl until he breaks his spirit and courage, just as he did with Rick Grimes.

If not, he still gets to keep him as a coveted price and a token of warning against the Alexandria Safe-Zone group.

Further spoilers point out the next death will happen in Episode 8. It will be a few weeks from now, but if it is Norman Reedus’ character who dies, it will have nothing to do with the picture from Pandorum.

Source: ComicBook