Apple, Microsoft, iPad, Surface Pro
Microsoft and Apple go at it again with their new ads. Image credit: Windows central.

Microsoft and Apple are retaking their endless feud for market domination. The Window’s developer released a new commercial for the Surface Pro 4 titled “What’s a Computer? Just ask Cortana,” featuring a conversation between Both of the companies’ intelligent personal assistants, Siri -from iOS-, and Cortana -from Windows 10-.

In the ad, Siri tells Cortana about its new keyboard, referring to the iPad Pro’s attachable Smart Keyboard. Cortana responds sarcastically by asking Siri if the iPad also comes with some of the features the Surface Pro has, such as an Intel Core i7 processor, full Office running, a trackpad, and external ports. The commercial ends with a defeated Siri giving up.

The ad was a direct response to a previous Apple commercial about the Ipad Pro launched on the company’s YouTube Channel at the beginning of August. With the title “What’s a Computer?”, the video focuses on the tablet’s keyboard and touch screen, as well as the Apple Pen, and exalts the Ipad Pro’s capacity to act as a portable PC.

Apple and Microsoft ended a period of peace

These type of exchanges between the tech giants aren’t new; Apple featured over 66 TV spots for the “Get a Mac” ad campaign from May 2006 to October 2009, according to an article by Adweek.

However, both companies shared a period of peace. On December 2015, Microsoft featured a seasonal spot showing some of the multinational’s employees marching across New York’s 5th Avenue, where the glass Apple Store is located.

The workers entered the premises in peace,  and singing Jill Jackon Miller’s “Let There Be Peace On Earth” along with a local children’s choir. At the end of the spot, the store employees applauded the gesture, and both sides shared hugs.

Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro complement each other on their strengths and weaknesses

Both tablets have received numerous positive reviews. The iPad Pro for its design, True Tone Display, and the Apple Pen’s drawing capability.

On the other hand, the Surface Pro 4 has become a favorite among multitasking users due to its fast Intel Core processors, massive storage capacity for a tablet – up to 1,024 GB -, and its hybrid liquid cooling system.

Microsoft’s tablet has the potential to replace a desktop PC

Although these devices were designed to aim different sectors of the market, with Microsoft going for the hardware demanding client, and Apple reaching the more casual consumer, both companies are selling its tablets as laptop replacements.

This marketing has resulted in a competition to see which product achieves this goal in a faster and better way, and the new ad campaign serves as a solid proof.

Apple is currently preparing to release the Ipad Pro 2 at some point in 2017, while Microsoft launched its Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile yesterday, according to an official blog post.

Source: Bussiness Insider