According to PC Advisor, the Surface Pen will be improved. It will not require an AAAA battery like its predecessor, instead it will recharge while attached to the tablet magnetically. Image Source: PC Mag

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 is likely to be announced in October and to be released in 2017.

With the success of Microsoft’s Surface line and that the Surface Pro 4 was released in October last year, people is waiting for Microsoft ( to announce its Surface Pro 5 in the next two months.

Because of a number of rumors saying that the Surface Pro 5 will come with Windows 10 and Redstone 2, the next Windows update, it is most likely that the gadget will be released in fall next year and this year’s October will be the date of the announcement.

Surface Pro 5 could worth the wait

It is still unknown what the official specifications of the Pro 5 will be, but it is suggested that it will come with the last generation of Intel’s Processor, which provides more efficient battery performance.

The base model is expected to come with a 16 GB of RAM, with some more powerful and more expensive variants.

Reports from China suggests that the Surface Pro 5 will come in two variants, one with a 2K display and the other with a 4K display. The 4K display is thought to work with a NVIDIA graphics card or the AMD’s Polaris GPU.

Besides from the usual USB 3.0 port, it is also expected to be the first model of the line to come with a USB Type-C model, making it more comfortable and efficient at the moment of charge it. Additionally, it is expected to have an updated camera, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

As though there have been no official reports, the rumors are that the Surface Pro 5 will cost similar to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4. The price is expected to be around the $1000 for the base model.

Rumors about a Microsoft Surface Phone

There have been some rumors about Microsoft coming back to the smartphone market through its Surface series.

No official information about the processor coming in the phones has been given, but some reports claim they will come with a Kaby Lake processor from Intel, just like the one the Surface Pro 5 may be packing in, or an Atom X3 also from Intel.

The phones are reported to have a 5.5-inch AMOLED display and a 20 MP rear camera. Among the rumors are that they will come with a fingerprint reader, proximity sensors, and liquid cooling technology.

As the Surface Pro5, they are likely to come with a USB Type-C port.

There is no date of announcement or release, and neither for the price of the phones, although they are expected to be around $900.

Source: iTech Post