Using the Remote app users can type usernames and passwords using the iOS devices. Image Source: 9to5 Mac

The visionary tech company Apple released on August 1 their latest new application: the Apple TV Remote, available for free download on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 9.3.2 or later.

Apple TV Remote allows iOS device owners to control the digital media player’s interface, originally developed and released by Apple in 2009. After last year’s official announcement addressing the development of the app, the San Francisco-based company released the app yesterday with support for second, third and fourth generation devices.

While the Apple TV is a set box running on the unique tvOS, it already comes with a control remote included, and it has had past support from official apps like iTunes Remote and other developed by third parties.

However, the recently released Apple TV Remote app represents a significant jump compared with existing control remote platforms.

Apple TV Remote puts control on your hands

The original remote for the broadcasting appliance was nothing short of controversial upon its release, as the controller is still criticized for its button arrangement and very small size. Apple launched a Siri-supporting revamped version of the remote, dubbed Siri Remote in some regions, which comes with a microphone that enables compatibility with the signature virtual assistant for iOS.

Now, the latest app by Apple dedicated to iOS TV control seems to have taken a hint from previous experience, as it enhances user experience with the expanded functionality range that iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch handsets provide.

Apple TV Remote displays on iOS devices similar to the original remote itself. Upon launch, the app dedicates a large part of the screen to a gesture-based navigation pad, responsive to finger swiping for easy interface navigation. The standard buttons are displayed below the pad area and they change according to the function being used at the moment.

Among the highlights of user experience with the new app are Siri integration for voice-based media search and massively simplified text input thanks to the native keyboard on iOS handsets. These features prove particularly useful and a significant improvement over existing methods, as they have relied mainly on the gesture pad up until now.

Moreover, the Apple TV Remote is a smart piece of software that adapts to the users’ preferences, engaging in gaming control mode when playing games on the set-box and in standard media mode when playing music, shows or movies. However, if users wish to access, control, and navigate iTunes related media there is no compatibility with the recently released app.

Control and support for iTunes playback remain exclusive to the iTunes Remote app, which was released ahead of the launch of the first-generation Apple TV and has not been updated since December of 2015.

With Apple enthusiasts expecting an official announcement from the California tech giant for its upcoming official event, it is currently unknown if any Apple TV related news are among the lineup of reveals expected to be featured. The Apple TV Remote is officially available for free download* since yesterday on the App Store.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac