The console will include all the new software updates. It will also include the redesigned interface. Image Source: Xbox One

Last month, the Xbox team unveiled the new Xbox One S at the E3 2016 press conference. The new console was described as the best work by Microsoft so far. The Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One. The console also features a gorgeous design.

The Xbox One S team detailed the internal storage characteristic of its console. The Xbox One S will feature three different models, the first one will come in 500GB, the second one with 1TB, and the last one with 2TB hard Drive. Users will be also able to extend the storage space with an external USB 3.0 HDD.

Microsoft’s team presented a new wireless controller for the console. The controller was introduced with an enhanced grip designed to be more comfortable for its users. Microsoft explained that the controller has twice as much range compared to the old controller.

Microsoft also claimed that the redesigned thumb controllers will last longer. These controllers will use Bluetooth, it will only work on Xbox One S or Windows 10. Controllers will be available for around 60$,

Microsoft’s latest creation includes major new specs and novelty features

As for new features on the console, Microsoft’s team elaborated. The external power supply has been integrated into the console. The new Xbox can now be stored upright. The 2TB model comes with a stand bundle. The stand is sold separately for $20 for the other two models.

Microsoft ditched the Kinect port on the Xbox One S. The increasing irrelevance of Kinect pushed Microsoft to not include a port for the feature.  Users who wish to use Kinect will have to buy and adapter separately. The area formerly used by the Kinect port will be replaced with an integrated infrared blaster. The infrared allows the Xbox One S to control devices like the cable, TV, or audio/video receivers.

Game titles previous to the Xbox One S will be compatible with the console. The console is able to play all existing Xbox One games as well as several Xbox 360 games.

Xbox One S: Review and revamped design

The console will include all the new software updates. It will also include the redesigned interface. This interface includes Cortana digital assistant, compatibility with the Windows Store and additional cross-play options with Windows PC.

How much does the Xbox One S cost and where to get one

The Xbox One S is already available for purchase. Even though the 500GB and 1TB model aren’t available just yet, the 2TB version is available for purchase. The 500GB version has a 299.99$ Price tag, the 1TB has a 349.99$ price tag and the 2TB has a 399.99$ price tag.

Microsoft is also set to release the Project Scorpio. It will be ‘the most powerful console ever created’ by Microsoft. The Xbox One and Xbox One S  accessories will be compatible with this console.

Source: CNET