Xbox One S
Microsoft finally revealed that the 2TB version of the Xbox One S will be released on August 2. Credit: Windows Central

Matt Lapsen, Microsoft’s General Manager for Xbox devices marketing, made it official: the Xbox One S is going to hit the shelves on August 2. The 2TB version of the console, at least. The design remained unchanged, and it reminds of the white version of the PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One S was announced last month at the E3 along with a new controller, and an interconnected Microsoft platform. The game entertainment system is the first one to feature 4K Ultra HD video, and the critics have praised what the company did with the design. Back in June, Microsoft announced there would be two different consoles based on the storage capacity, 500 GB and 1TB, with a suggested price of $299 and $349 respectively. However, a third 2TB version was also announced at the E3 as a launch limited edition.

The 2TB Xbox one S is going to be available starting August 2, and the customers that pre-order it are going to enjoy a couple of benefits. First, the timing. Although the 2TB console is scheduled for August 2, the other versions of the console still don’t have a release date, so people who don’t pre-order the launch edition will have to wait more to get their hands on the new Xbox. Second, the storage capacity is going to be very important from now on. Better visuals is great, everybody wants the best possible graphics while gaming, but a better definition also requires more data. So far, no one really knows how much space a 4K game will require, so the extra 1TB is actually quite helpful.

Mike Ybarra, the partner director of program management, said the Xbox One S would be able to up-scale all the existing games to 4K. Those are pretty big words, but in reality, it will probably bring a decent upgrade to the graphics. However, real 4K games are still being developed for the next-gen consoles.

An interconnected platform makes it all more alluring

Microsoft has been promoting its most recent OS, Windows 10, really hard since its release. At the E3, the company said gamers would no longer have to choose between buying a computer or an Xbox because all the games available for the consoles were also going to be playable from desktops running Windows 10. Accordingly, the Xbox One S Bluetooth features will require the newest OS with the anniversary update to properly work with the console.

The new controller has a couple of interesting features as well. The developers worked on a surface that enhances the grip and feel. In combination with a new vibration system, it is supposed to improve the gaming experience. Microsoft also doubled the wireless range of the controller and included a 3.5 mm jack that allows players to connect a headset directly to it which enhances mobility.

The 2TB Xbox One S will cost $399 and will be available in some selected regions including Australia, Germany, and the United States. The complete list can be found on the company’s website. The controller will be sold separately for $59,99 as long as the vertical stand at $19,99.

The next generation battle has not begun, but Microsoft is already boasting of having the best machine

It is important to understand that the console coming out in August is not Microsoft’s next-gen bet. However, the company did name its next project and made some bold claims. Microsoft announced Project Scorpio would have the most powerful specs in the market, and it was coming in 2017 running 4K games at 6 Teraflops. In contrast, Sony sais its community that the new project, known as the PS4 NEO, existed, but they were not going to talk about it at the E3. The same goes for Nintendo, aside from the fact that its code-name is NX, and that it is going to be available in 2017. The console is a complete mystery.

It seems like Sony also wants to get the most out of the PS4. The company announced a “PS4 high-end” and as the Xbox One S, it will support 4K graphics. There is not a release date, but according to Eurogamer, software support for the feature will start rolling out by the end of autumn. On the other hand, there is Nintendo. At the E3, the Asian company revealed its new Zelda for the new console, but it does not seem like it will enter the 4K arena, and honestly it doesn’t need it. Pokémon Go was the ace under the sleeve, and it is working miracles for both Nintendo and Niantic. The app is the most popular software in the world right now.

The critic crowned the PS4 as the best console of this generation closely followed by the Xbox One. Yet, the next round might ultimately change, especially for Nintendo, who might have gotten out of the food chain with its AR project. Time will tell.

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