Wink Hub 2 review
Wink Hub 2 review. Image credit: Slash Gear.

Wink Inc. released its new Wink Hub 2 yesterday. This new version has improvements in both hardware and software. According to the company, the designers based their work on customer’s feedback.

Hub devices have become very popular in modern homes. They allow users to have a central station to coordinate the functions of their computers, printers, TVs and others. The Wink Hub 2 is a small white hub that can fit anywhere in the house.

It features two opposing antennas to extend its range. Internally, the Wink Hub 2 features a new security system to keep away unregistered guests. The new upgrade consists in an encrypted communication method. It was added specially for remote access which was very insecure in the 1.0 version.

Wink released an app for users that want to import their configuration from their Wink Hub to the Wink Hub 2. The app is available on IOS and Android under the name “SmartThingsHub.” This app will allow customers to set up a schedule for their home appliances. It also allows them to remote access their Wink Hub 2 using their cellphones when far from home.

Wink Hub 2 specs

The company has decided not to disclose the specific hardware for this new version. However, it explained it featured a faster processor and that it had more memory compared to the old version. These new improvements allow the Hub to store more instructions.

The faster processor allows interconnecting different devices. Another addition was the new Wi-Fi card which supports 2.4 and 5GHz networks.

Wink also included an Ethernet port as customers requested it. They did so users could connect an older device to the Hub.

Wink Hub 2 price and promotions

Wink has announced that their new product will have a special price at Starting in October, the Wink Hub 2 will cost $99. The old version will be still on sale for $69 at both Amazon’s website and Wink’s store.

Also, a controller for in-house use is available for the Hub 2 at $149. Wink designed this control to be compatible with smart homes and other electronic appliances. People can find it in the “Starter Kit” section of the company’s website exclusively.

Source: MacRumors