Best Android apps to take and edit pictures
Best Android apps to take and edit pictures . Image credit: Gap Year.

With so many pic apps available for Android, it can be difficult to choose which one to use. Some apps replace the device’s camera software with point-and-shoot digital snaps that have an excellent performance and some useful extra features.

Also, thanks to the improvements on smartphone’s cameras, mobile pic edit programs are better than ever. Apps can add those little tweaks to make the pictures perfect.

However, the Google Play Store is full of them. To make it easy for users here is a list of the best pic apps they can find for their Android devices.

Camera 2: the preview snap (9.54MB)

Camera 2 from JFDP Labs stands first on the list because it distinguishes itself from other apps. The $2,65 dedicated camera tool offers live previews of filters and effects on the shots in real time. Some are nerdy, others trippy, others artistic, but all of them unique.

At the same time, users can tweak contrast, saturation levels and brightness on the preview. All of the editing tools work on any photo in the gallery.

PicsArt: an all-around pic app (46.71MB)

PicsArt is the #1 free photo editors because it offers ample solutions: image editor with effects, camera app, drawing tool and a social platform that works much like Instagram. Also, the app has a superb design program to edit photos with filters and decorations.

The app can share pictures with the most popular social networks.

Prisma: the AI artist (6.01MB)

Prisma is a Russian app that has exploded on the scene. The app lets the user choose a photograph from the gallery or take a picture with the tool and change it with various filters inspired by famous artist styles – from Picasso to Japanese ukiyo-e style pop-art.

Prima filters the image using an artificial intelligence that processes every pic differently. It learns and adapts all the time and thus continues to improve the quality.

VSCO CAM: Android’s prodigy (25.66MB)

Popular on iOS and one of Android’s favorites, VSCO lets users capture images, tweak them and tune them to their heart’s content.

The inbuilt camera is quite straightforward, offering basic controls, grid lines and flash toggles. However, the app brings a wide selection of filters and premium options through in-app purchases. The app also comes with a Grid feature to quickly find other users’ pictures.

PhotoDirector: the multi-purpose photo editor (32.85MB)

The free app originates from the software company Cyberlink. The app offers a wide selection of creative tools to quickly snap and edit photos.

The inbuilt camera has advanced functions like HRD, HSL, RGB filter and light sensor. The editing tools give the standard corrections plus a variety of overlays, filters, portrays, collages and more.

Facetune: the app for the smiles (41.73MB)

Facetune costs $4,25 and it is famously known as the selfie app. Usually, the front camera is not that great, so this app has a lot of filters and effects to improve the pictures.

There is one that stands out because it “polishes” the selfie and makes facial features look much better. Users call it the “Hollywood Star” filter.

Camera Zoom FX: the intelligent camera-fix (4.95MB)

The free app has no photo-editing tools because it’s all about control over the snaps. It offers several options, including software stabilization, voice-activated shooting mode, HDR, collages, and horizontal and vertical indicators to take straight photos.

Camera Zoom FX also has aspect ratio settings, focus modes, and balance options. This app is one of the few that supports voice commands.

Adobe Photoshop Express: the best photo editing tool (46.72MB)

This editor doesn’t have a camera app. Instead, it offers a wide range of tools to edit pictures directly from the gallery.

The app shares a lot of tools with the company’s desktop version, Adobe Photoshop. It has the core tools and also some of the professional design features.

Snapseed: simple to learn

Last but not least is Google’s photo editing app, Snapseed. It is  one of the most accessible photo editing apps for Android with extensive features for both advanced users and newcomers.

Snapseed makes it to the list because of its simplicity. It allows the average user to make simple tweaks to the pictures, and at the same time, offers advanced modification tools for those who really like editing images.

Source: Android Pit