Where and how watch Sony's PlayStation Meeting tomorrow
Where and how watch Sony's PlayStation Meeting tomorrow. Image from YouTube.

Sony will hold the PlayStation Meeting on September 7 at the PlayStation Theater in New York City. Gamers expect the special live event will launch the new PlayStation Neo console. It’s only open to members of the press, but PlayStation has also invited fans to watch it live.

During the PlayStation Meeting, Sony usually launches new hardware. This year the company is expected to reveal the already leaked PlayStation 4 Slim. Sony has launched slim versions of its consoles since the release of the PSone, a slimmer redesign of the original PlayStation.

Meanwhile, it’s still unknown if Sony will do the same with the PlayStation Neo, aka PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K. The hardware revision of the PlayStation 4, codenamed Neo, was confirmed by Sony to be under development back in June.

PlayStation Meeting countdown
PlayStation Meeting countdown. Image credit: TheUSBPort.

The Neo announcement is very likely as Sony and PlayStation have been eager to allow players to watch the PlayStation Meeting. Neo it’s a higher-end model meant to support 4K gameplay. The Neo will roll out alongside the PS4, and all existing software will be compatible between them.

Therefore, players will have the same PS4 experience, but with higher resolution. PlayStation doesn’t want gamers to miss the probable unveiling and have asked them to join the event online tomorrow. Following the meeting, there will be a special episode of PlayStation LiveCast as well.

Where and when is Sony hosting the PlayStation Meeting? 

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting will be held tomorrow Wednesday, September 7 at the PlayStation Theater in Times Square, New York. It starts at 12:00pm Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm British, and 5:00am September 8 Australian Eastern.

For those who also want to see Apple’s live event, they don’t have to worry because it starts two hours before Sony’s. So, they will be able to watch the presentation of both the iPhone 7 and PS4 Neo. 

Sony will live stream the entire event

Sony will stream the event like with previous PlayStation Meetings. It will allow gamers from around the world to see it live on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Sony’s official PlayStation YouTube channel, the official PlayStation Twitch account, and the Sony PlayStation Blog at live.playstation.com will stream the event.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners who want to see the next generation Neo and the PS4 Slim only have to open the YouTube app and watch the live stream in their consoles.

Sony may also make available an app for watching the Livestream on the PS4. The company has done it before.

Source: PlayStation Blog