GLM unveils the G4, its first super car, at the Paris Motor Show 2016.
GLM unveils the G4, its first super car, at the Paris Motor Show 2016. Image credit: Motor 1.

Japan’s Green Lord Motors’ (GLM) newest model, the G4, was unveiled this week at the Paris Motor Show 2016. The concept car was just released, so there is no production date or price available, only an enormous amount of expectation.

The fully electric vehicle will feature an acceleration of 0-100km/h (62mph) in 3.7 seconds, a battery power of 400kW, 1000Nm torque, a top speed of 250 km/h (155mph), and a battery range of 400km (248 miles), according to the official website.

Top Speed reports the car’s electric framework divides between the front and rear axles, the horizontal bars that join the two sets of wheels found in any car. This, coupled with its other features, gives the car a 540 horsepower.

The G4 features the Blooming door concept

GLM’s tagline seems to be at the core of this super sedan, which also features a distinctive design that combines both butterfly-style doors for the front and what could be gullwing doors on the rear. This ‘blooming door’ concept is the work of Dutch automaker┬áSavage Rivale which collaborated in this project.

The final product resembles one of the company’s signature models, the 2011 Roadyacht GTS, reported to be an inspirational basis for the G4. Most sources covering the event are naming the Japanese 2016 EV an upgraded version of the Dutch concept car.

GLM G4 Blooming door concept
GLM G4 Blooming door concept. Image credit: Motor 1.

Contenders regarding power duration are the Tesla Model S 90D, its closest rival in battery range, and the Chevy Bolt, which follows closely. Tesla’s P100D is currently the leading option in the market, with a range of 315 miles on a full charge.

An article by PR Newswire notes the G4 has a ‘multi-stage transmission’┬ásystem specially designed for lower power consumption and aiming for maximum efficiency. This is reportedly made real by its internal insulated-gate bipolar transistor (or IGBT) systems, some of the most advanced in the world.

Green Lord Motors, “Japan’s Tesla”

Hiroyasu Koma, GLM's founder and CEO.
Hiroyasu Koma, GLM’s founder and CEO. Image credit: Tiyokeizai.

GLM was founded in Kyoto, Japan by Hiroyasu Koma in 2010. The now Representative Director created the company with the notion of an ‘electric sports car’ in mind. The organization started to develop electric automobile technologies for various businesses that same year.

In 2012, its first Research and Development Center became a reality. This made them the first Japanese venture company to obtain a private license to manufacture an electric sports car.

GLM first inherited the Tommykaira brand of sports cars manufacturing, which led them to release their ZZ model in 2015, an EV effort that was followed by research that eventually ended in the launch of the brand new G4.

Source: Car and Driver