Walmart's Black Friday deals highlights
Walmart's Black Friday deals highlights. Image: Restoring LIberty.

Walmart has officially released an ad for its Black Friday deals, just in time for the holidays. Scanned versions of their printed ads later appeared today on, which monitors discounts and promotions throughout the United States.

This year’s 2016 Black Friday will feature deals for the best-selling consoles in the market, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, including its Pro and Slim versions. The offers do not stop there, as Walmart extends its discounts to almost all electronics.

Interesting devices set to go on sale include a broad range of digital cameras including a major DSLR, routers, entertainment devices and unlocked smartphones. Black Friday 2016 will be on November 25.

Smartphone deals on Walmart’s Black Friday ads

Walmart Black Friday ad page 1.
Walmart Black Friday ad page 1. Image:

Walmart’s ad is over 30 pages long, and a close look at their offers reveals some highlights that might be the first to go in the next two weeks.

In the smartphone department, a good deal (and the one leading the ad) is the iPhone 5S for only $99 with a StraightTalk 30-day renewable plan that starts at $45-a-month. This deal represents a $50 save from regular iPhone prices.

The 5S has become one of the best-selling iPhones and is the best current option cost wise that Apple has to offer. The Samsung Galaxy S6 lowers its price to $249, also making a strong sales contender. It also comes with StraightTalk plans.

Xbox vs PlayStation: A win-win situation

Walmart Black Friday ad video game deals.
Walmart Black Friday ad video game deals. Image:

Black Friday prices for both consoles mirror what buyers initially expected of them. Walmart will sell two bundles for the same price of $249 (a $50 discount) for the PlayStation 4 Slim and the Xbox One S White.

The PlayStation bundle will feature the 500GB console along with the famous Uncharted 4 and a $30 gift card for next purchases. The Xbox bundle, surprisingly, offers a console with the same internal storage and Battlefield 1 but does not include the gift card.

The Playstation 4 could stand then as the better option, but the $30 gift card does not make it much of a challenge. Controller prices drop to $39 on Black Friday and select titles for the PS4 drop to $35, with only a handful going as low as $25.

The choice then becomes only a matter of taste for the player, as both consoles, already reviewed, offer virtually the same benefits, and purchasing either of them could be a win-win situation.

More Walmart promotions

Walmart Black Friday ad.
Walmart Black Friday ad. Image:

Along with the new Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Edition (Black or White), which will sell for only $99, Walmart is offering some other exciting products such as a Polaroid SnapTouch camera bundle for only $84, including a camera case and an extra SD card.

They are also offering a Canon EOS DSLR camera with an extra 75-30mm lens, a handy Canon bag, and a 16GB SD card. The camera takes 18MP photos and 1080p video with its 18-55mm lens and has WiFi connectivity. It costs only $449 (which is a $150 save).

The laptop department offers HP deals for as little as $349 and various accessories. Other tech surprises include the Hovertrax Hoverboard at $273, and the virtual reality enabled HD Promark drone, which includes a 3D VR headset, for a surprising amount of only $99.