Polaroid Snap Touch
Polaroid Snap Touch. Image; B&H.

The newest Polaroid instant camera, the LCD Snap Touch, is currently selling on Amazon for $179,99, since last September. It represents the company’s latest effort to modernize their instant cameras as much as possible.

The Snap Touch is the first instant camera made by Polaroid that features interconnectivity via mobile apps to smartphones and the revolutionary ZINK (Zero Ink) printing technology.

The camera comes in a variety of colors and a 10-sheet pack for starters. Users can also purchase the many accessories the company is offering to make the instant film experience more appealing, such as a line of scrapbooks and related handicraft materials.

Snap Touch: specs and features

The camera features a 13MP lens for still and the ability to take 720p/1080p video with its complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor, which is the standard sensor for similar devices like smartphones, webcams, and even DSLR cameras.

To take pictures, users can see through the viewfinder or use the 3.5″ LCD touchscreen on the back.

The camera has the option to add three distinctive color filters to the resulting photographs, color, black & white, and vintage sepia. They can also choose to print their photos with the classic Polaroid Border Logo on the side.

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Along with its Bluetooth capability, selfie mirror, and 128GB storage, the snap Touch is one of the most feature-packed releases that Polaroid has put on the market.

ZINK Zero Ink technology and app connectivity

Users can connect the camera via Bluetooth to their Android or iOS devices to edit photographs with Polaroid app. They can add different filters, stickers, emoji, text, and borders before returning the picture.

The camera, which also supports a variety of shooting modes such as ‘Photo Burst,’ prints 2 x 3 inches (5cm x 7.6cm) pictures with the use of Zero Ink technology. As the name indicates, the camera requires no ink cartridge or toner.

ZINK technology works via the patented ZINK sheet, which contains thin layers of cyan, magenta, and yellow in its composition.

In essence, the paper already comes with ‘color’ inside, and therefore, it’s capable of producing colorized images when used for printing with no additional ink. ZINK paper is waterproof.

How to use Polaroid Snap Touch

The reason they called it the Snap Touch is that the back screen is a touchscreen. Before taking a photo, users load the ZINK paper (one at a time) on the side of the camera.

After printing, they have to insert another, which might be the only hassle represented by the camera.

Source: Polaroid