Xbox One S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro Which one should you buy on Black Friday.
Xbox One S Vs. PlayStation 4 Pro Which one should you buy on Black Friday. Image credit: Retail Law Advisors.

A new ad published today for the Xbox One S calls it “the best console in America.” This statement comes a week after a report made by American market research leader, NPD Group, in which the Xbox One leads as the top console in September, outselling the PS4.

October marks the third month in a row in which the Xbox has beaten the PS4 in sales, according to previous NPD reports. Their results have been made public by various sources like Gamespot, but the official reports are not available online yet.

The NPD report makes the Xbox One S the biggest contender is the console gaming race, ahead of next month’s Black Friday.

The Xbox One S features and price

The all-white console features Ultra HD and 4K gaming and streaming, including Blu-Ray, and it’s 40% smaller than its predecessor. Official website calls it ‘the most advanced Xbox ever,’ with an internal power supply and expandable memory, up to 2TB.

The High Dynamic Range promises better colors, shadows, and brightness in games for a better experience in visual depth.

Ultra HD streaming is compatible with Netflix and Amazon Video. The Xbox also features an integrated IR blaster that allows users to control other electronic devices like TVs from the console.

The Wireless Controller now comes with twice the range and Bluetooth technology that allows users to play on Windows 10 computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Its price starts at $299 and it also sells in various bundles with games like ‘Gears of War 4‘ and ‘Battlefield 1.’

The new PS4 Pro hits the stores in November

The Playstation 4 Pro will come out officially on November 10, two weeks before Black Friday. It is already available, however, for preorder on Amazon, starting at $399 for the 1TB version.

The Sony console will also compete with the Xbox in the 4K graphics department, 4K streaming, and online community.

The console will feature an internal 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU with a GPU of 4.20 teraflops and an AMD Radeon graphics engine (The Xbox One S runs 1.4 teraflops).

Which one is the best console? 

The ‘Black Friday’ will bring discount prices that will prompt users to buy more electronics, including gaming consoles.

The question of which one is the best option requires users to take several factors into consideration. What’s more important for a particular buyer is what will dictate their purchase.

For example, the Xbox One unquestionably beats the PS4 Pro in the price department. However, the PS4 Pro will offer more than twice the performance of the former, and in terms of Online Community, they both offer virtually the same options.

Amazon’s 2016 Black Friday will take place on November 25.

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