The smartwatch includes gesture control as well, which allows using single hand gestures to activate key features. Image Source: Wearable

Chinese company Mobvoi today announced the Ticwatch 2, labeled as the world’s “most interactive smartwatch” on Kickstarter. Based in Beijing, it’s backed by Google and focuses on making artificial intelligence (AI) gadgets like smartwatches.

The sequel watch will have a $199 price tag once released, but customers can get it $50 to $100 cheaper (depending on model) if they become early backers on Kickstarter. Deliveries to the US and Europe are expected to begin in September.

“The Most Interactive Smartwatch. Intuitive Interaction. Lifestyle Convenience. Unique Ticwear OS. Innovative Design,” the device’s Kickstarter post reads.

Ticwatch changed it all

Mobvoi helped Google get around some blocked services to bring Android Wear to China. The Chinese company, in turn, received backing from Google to create the original Ticwatch, aimed to change the current perception on smartwatches, which is also their greatest obstacle.

In the Asian country, Mobvoi is best known for Chumenwenwen, a voice assistant and search service used in apps like WeChat; that’s been powering Android Wear in China since late 2015, as the Chinese government blocks Google Play and Google Now services.

Most people consider this type of devices to be not smart enough to justify the price or to become a long-term product like an iPod. Mobvoi changed that, at least in China, with its first smartwatch, Ticwatch, which most notably had the Tickle feature that allowed navigating the user interface (UI) by moving the finger alongside the edges without even touching the display.

Although his company is relatively new, founded in 2012 by ex-Googlers, the original Ticwatch has been one of the top selling smart wearables online in China since launched in 2015, according to Mobvoi CEO Zhifei Li. Currently being exposed to global consumers on Kickstarter, the Ticwatch 2 originally debuted in China earlier this year.

The Ticwatch 2: the most interactive smartwatch

The Ticwatch 2 runs an Android-based operating system called Advanced Ticwear 4.0, compatible with both Android (4.3 or higher) and iOS (iOS 8.0 or higher) phones. The smartwatch has a classic round design and comes in four models: black, white, leather, and steel.

Equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone, the user can activate voice control to send messages while driving  by using the “OK, tico.” Users can make calls, look up information, set reminders, check the calendar, and ask for the weather, restaurants nearby, and even jokes.

Flip the wrist twice to pick up or hang up phone call, or double knock the device to change songs while exercising. Tickle continues in this second watch while introducing a new UI feature called Touch for users to swipe or long press to navigate and search content.

Notification hub is also present on the Ticwatch to view quickly and reply messages and phone calls. Finally, the device features a sports and fitness function that provides health tracking, with the built-in GPS, and heart rate monitor.

Source: Digital Trends