SurveyMonkey’s latest research suggests that Nintendo’s fresh Miitomo app for iOS and Android serves a 4 million monthly user base.

Nintendo’s mobile app, Miitomo, might indeed be fairly new, as it just hit the U.S. market a couple of weeks ago, on March 31st, though it has made a very strong start, according to SurveryMonkey.

The popular survey platform suggests that a whopping 4 million people use the app at least once a month, while a substantial 1 million use it on a daily base.

Industry analysts translate the above numbers to an approximate $280,000 income from in-app purchases every week, totaling to a $1,120,000 monthly revenue.

That might not be a lot in comparison to the company’s earnings from console and video games sales, and other similar services, though, as many publications have correctly pointed out, the numbers point toward a very promising start and a overall decent performance.

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Furthermore, it is worth noting that the above results are not official, as the Japanese giant has not confirmed anything yet, though SurveyMonkey has proven itself as a quite accurate and reliable source over the years of reporting such figures.

Besides the 1 million user-base remark it made right before the U.S. launch of Miitomo, Nintendo has not revealed any further info since then.

Nintendo's Miitomo app for Android.
Nintendo’s Miitomo app for Android.

Nevertheless, as aforementioned, if the numbers turn out to be real, then it will be a fact that Miitomo’s performance is quite healthy for its age, and, therefore, Nintendo should focus on how to maintain and even develop such a phenomenal growth.

On a less relevant note, Nintendo has been in the news lately regarding its much-anticipated NX gaming console, which is rumored to be finally unveiled during the E3 conference, which takes place in June. NX is expected to feature a combination of AMD CPU and GPU, 4K output and come in two variants; one for home gaming and the another for outdoors use.

Source: SurveyMonkey