Super Nintendo World-Mario-Shigeru Miyamoto
Super Nintendo World-Mario-Shigeru Miyamoto. Image: YouTube.

On Monday, Universal Studios Japan announced the world’s first Nintendo theme park would open its doors in 2020, and its name is ‘Super Nintendo World.’

The project is a collaboration between the video game giant and the entertainment mogul. Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan will be the first of three parks to open in the future.

Universal and Nintendo announced their partnership to bring the world of iconic characters like Mario, Kirby, and Donkey Kong to life back in March. The companies had not disclosed much information about the park until now. However, there is some info on the project.

Super Nintendo World will open in Osaka, Orlando, and Hollywood

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka will be the first complex to host a Super Nintendo World park in its premises. The Orlando and Hollywood locations will open next at a yet unannounced date.

Universal and Nintendo describe the park as an array of “expansive and multilevel environments filled with unprecedented, state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.”

Super Nintendo World won’t be cheap, but it will bring growth to Japan

The new Nintendo theme park will cost approximately ¥50 billion, or roughly $435 million.

Japanese specialists estimate Super Nintendo World will return profits of ¥6.2 trillion at a local level in Kansai, and ¥11.7 trillion domestically for the country. Over 1 million jobs will sprout from the development and opening of the park.

Super Nintendo World and the Olympic Games will arrive in 2020

Two huge tourist attractions will debut in Japan at the same time: Super Nintendo World and the Tokyo Olympic Games in the year 2020.

If the park opens during the summer to coincide with the games, the economic impact will be even greater for the Pacific country. Osaka is just four hours away from the Japanese capital, and it would be the holiday destination of the year.

Super Nintendo World will focus on Mario

The concept art revealed on Monday shows an area of Super Nintendo World based entirely on the world of Mario.

Question blocks, sewer pipes, carnivorous plants, platforms, coins, mushrooms, and platforms make up the main environment of Super Nintendo World.

Universal and Nintendo will feature other iconic characters around the park in dedicated spaces and attractions.

Nintendo and Universal are developing the first attractions

Universal recently filed patents for new attractions that might be the next big rides at Super Nintendo World.

There is a ‘drift racer’ ride that may be based on Super Mario Kart, although Nintendo fans are wishing a rollercoaster inspired on the hellish Rainbow Road on the Internet.

Others note the presence of a ‘boom coaster’ that sounds eerily similar to the mine cart levels of Donkey Kong Country.

Nintendo enthusiasts expected such a ride, or perhaps one involving the game’s famous cannon barrels.

Nintendo and Universal are also planning a waterslide attraction, an ‘omnimover,’ and a simulator ride.

Video game fans expect the Japanese giant to show some love for other Nintendo exclusives like Pokémon, F-Zero, Metroid, Starfox, Kirby, and others. After all, there is plenty of material to work with on Super Nintendo World.

Source: Universal Studios Japan