Nintendo's latest announcement introduced the Nintendo Switch, scheduled for launch in March 2017. However, Switch's features are yet to be compared with Nintendo's WiiU. Image Source: Ars Technica

An article published today at Eurogamer has revealed that Nintendo will feature GameCube games on the Virtual Console service for its latest console, the Nintendo Switch, giving it an update on backward compatibility.

Nostalgic fans will have a new opportunity to enjoy classic Nintendo titles after the company officially discarded the possibility of making physical GameCube disk games compatible.

The inclusion of these GameCube games to the Virtual Console marks the first time in history in which they will sell digitally. Three different sources confirmed the news to the online magazine.

Nintendo has already tested GameCube support successfully for the Switch, naming three games as the possible inaugurators of the service, ‘Super Mario Sunshine,’ ‘Super Smash Bros: Melee,’ and ‘Luigi’s Mansion.’

The Nintendo Switch will likely feature games from other Nintendo systems

Nintendo has not defined the full number of platforms that the Switch will contain on its Virtual Console. There is still a huge probability that it will feature games from systems like the NES.

A program for Virtual Console games could soon be in the works for the Switch, similar to the one in WiiU where players could ‘upgrade’ their games by paying a small fee instead of buying them again at full price.

This program is just a rumor currently, but it would make sense for Nintendo also to include this feature on the Switch if they plan to widen their list of available digital games.

After nearly four years since first announcing the game was in development, Nintendo is giving players a closer look at the upcoming ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild'. Image Source: WCCFtech
After nearly four years since first announcing the game was in development, Nintendo is giving players a closer look at the upcoming ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. Image Source: WCCFtech

Other recent news for the Nintendo Switch

The Switch’s Virtual Console is currently in development by Nintendo European Research and Development team (better known as NERD), the same studio that brought fans the Mini NES console that sold out nationwide just ahead of Black Friday.

The same sources also confirmed that a version of GameCube’s ‘Animal Crossing’ is currently undergoing testing for its potential release. AC’s inclusion on the Virtual Console brings back a handful of NES titles included within that game.

Nintendo is also considering Switch support for GameCube controller adapter that sold with the WiiU, but the company has not reached a final decision on this matter.

With GameCube games, the Switch delivers on an old Nintendo promise

GameCube enthusiasts have been asking the company to include its games on the Virtual Console for years now, but apparently, Nintendo did not comply because the WiiU simply could not run them very well.

The Switch, on the other hand, is decidedly more powerful that the WiiU, with recent tests on its chipset proving that it would run GC games almost with no setbacks.

Nintendo is also hoping to bring back some of Super Smash Bros: Melee’s popularity by including it in the Virtual Console, which is currently one of the top choices on e-sports competitions.

Source: Eurogamer