OSVR-Steam-Open VR Platform
Steam joins the OSVR initiative. Image: TheUSBPort.

Valve’s PC gaming digital store, Steam, announced an upcoming update that will include support for open-platform virtual reality experiences. Steam is joining the The Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) consortium to make it happen.

Any game with the OSVR logo will be able to run on any VR headset. It will change the dynamic between the top companies in the VR scene, as the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR, and the Oculus Rift have their exclusive storefront.

In other words, Steam’s upcoming OSVR content will be universally available from a single distribution point. Valve says the move is a great milestone for the field. It is a revolutionary concept that doesn’t exist on any other platform.

What is OSVR and what do they offer? 

OSVR is a movement that wants to create a universal open-source VR ecosystem across various brands and rival companies. It would give users the freedom to combine different headsets and controllers to experience VR however they want to.

In theory, someday not too far away users could play a Steam OSVR title with HTC Vive headset using the Oculus Touch controllers.

The organization has the support of some of the best in the technology industry, including Intel, Nod, and Gearbox.  Their motto is “Plugin. Play Everything.”

Steam and OSVR’s efforts in making VR experiences all-inclusive legitimizes the creation of an open standard for all VR hardware and software developers.

This could be the beginning of a world where gamers always have access to the best of every developer, but it is very unlikely companies from other niches will change their exclusivity policies in order to make better games for people.

Elite Dangerous is one of the OSVR games available on Steam 

‘Elite Dangerous’ is on Steam with OSVR support and it probably is the most notable universal VR title. It has a price tag of $20.09 with a 33% discount or $40.19 for the Commander Deluxe Edition.

The game is a massive, multiplayer space epic that brings an open world adventure into a connected Galaxy. It has an evolving narrative that drives the story through the whole Milky Way galaxy re-created in full galactic proportions.

The list of Steam OSVR-ready titles is short, but it has the potential to start adding great titles in support for the move. The project already received a $5 million funding from Razer tech company so developers can create more and more universal VR titles.

The link of OSVR’s full library is on the link down below.

 Source: OSVR / PC Gamer